Did Adnan Do It?

By: Delilah Becerra, Rebecca Arriola

There has been some arguments about Adnan Syde being guilty. I interviewed some people asking them about their view about the case. Most may say ¨Why would he be in jail if they had no physical evidence at all doesn’t make any sense?¨ Another may say that ¨Why did they not interview the people like Jay’s girlfriend or Haes boyfriend?¨ Here are some people thoughts on the case..

Suzy Ortega: I dont think he is guilty at all. I think he is really innocent and someone is setting him up. Jay is so sketchy, i think jay and someone else killed Hae but not Adnan.  I would think they would interview the people that were around the crime even if they had nothing to do with it they still need to know their side of the story.

Alex Lopez: I want to believe that Adnan didn’t do it but the Aisha call keeps coming up. It doesn’t make sense why he would call Aisha. His good personality make me want to believe he didn’t do it but you cant base if he murder or not off his personality.

Mrs. Reveles: So one of the theories i came up with my students was Stefanie killed hae because Stefanie was angry with hae about becoming prom queen/princess and she mentioned it to jay, obviously jay was involved. So if jay was involved why would he implicated adnan if adnan didn’t do it and i think the one person he would protect was his girlfriend Stefanie. I think it would have all worked out because it was on her birthday when he had the car and the phone.

Another theory from Reveles: Adnan being super smart, thats why bringing jay into it. Because if they weren’t super close why would he bring into it? So adnan being super smart, thinking this guy shady he works at adult store sells drugs ima get him involved so when it comes down adnan will blame it on jay. but it didn’t work out at the end

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