Conspiracy Theory: Moon Landing

By: Michael Olivares

(Disclaimer: The things written in this article are all theories, I am not stating that any of them are true, this is simply for entertainment purposes)

The Moon landing is one of man kinds greatest achievements, but what if we didn’t actually get to the moon. What if the government, or NASA, had devised a plan, to make the world believe they had. Keep reading, in order to understand how each piece of evidence, supports my claim.

First off, the flag, now supposedly the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere, and without and atmosphere, the moon can’t have wind. So explain how, when the astronauts were placing the flag on the surface, a few viewers noticed that the flag was waving, as if wind were blowing it, side to side. Now how is this possible, if it is scientifically proven, that a planet or moon, without an atmosphere, can’t produce wind.


Scientist and NASA recipients, have opposed this theory, by claiming that the reason the flag did this, was because they were unrolling it, and it happened to wave, which seems a bit odd. If the flag were to unroll, the entire flag would be effected, not just a portion of it.

The second piece of evidence is that the astronauts were seen hanging on wires.

AstonautsOnWires.jpg As you can see, something is reflecting off the light, what else could it be but two wires, holding up the astronauts to simulate as if they were in space.

In order to back this up, comes the third piece of evidence, that the entire thing, was all done on a movie set, in Hollywood. There are actually three pieces of evidence to back this up

Apollo16CRock Here’s a picture taken of a rock with a “C” carved on it. The theory behind this was, that if this were a movie set, these rocks were just props each marked by a letter. Now when they were planning everything, they were placing “rock A” over here, “rock B” over there, and so on so forth. Now theorist believe someone on set, might have accidentally forgotten to place this prop upside down, where the rock wouldn’t have shown the label.

12dinespotlight In this photo, you see what appears to be a reflection of a stage light, bouncing off one of the suits. This would make perfect sense if the whole thing was done on a movie set.

The last piece of evidence is that light on this supposed movie set, was set up poorly. download As you see in the picture, shadows are heading in different directions. This makes sense as well, maybe they forgot about the one light source the moon gets which is the sun. Looking at all this evidence, you can start to tell that something is fishy about the moon landing. Although it was a great achievement for man kind, it raises a lot of questions.


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