An Inside Look On Drafting & Health Class

Tulare Western offers many elective classes, including Drafting and Health. A lot of students seem to be unfamiliar with the Drafting class as well as the Health class and don’t really know what it’s all about. We decided to get a closer look and gain some insight on what these classes really have to offer.

Drafting class is a bit different than your average elective classes. You can do stuff like geometric and 3D drawing, or stuff like architectural design and structural drafting, which is drawing floor plans or objects and 3D printing.

Although other classes have set guidelines on what they have to do, that isn’t the case in drafting. In Drafting, you move on your own pace and you do what you truly like to do. When someone first joins drafting they don’t really know what they want to do, but as days and weeks go by, kids know exactly what they want to do. Whether it’s drawing with shapes and random objects, or getting to the more advanced stuff like the architectural and structural design, there is something for everyone. Many kids that choose to move on to architectural and structural design have it a bit harder.

There are many programs and student can use, some that include Solidworks, Archicad, and Autocad. Although all 3 are used in the same class, they all have a purpose.

The most commonly used program is Solidworks, many kids choose this program to free sketch there designs meaning they can design anything that they have in mind, whether its a logo, or a Iphone stand. 

Another commonly used program is Archicad. It is more of the 3D design. Many students use Solidworks to create 3D objects to hopefully bring them to live with the 3D printer they have.

Although it may seem a bit easy, it can be very difficult if you don’t design your objects correctly. Many student spend countless classes finalizing and perfecting their object to send to the printer.

And finally the last program, is Archicad which is a program commonly used for architectural purposes. This program is great to use if you plan on becoming a architect in the future. It allows you to create houses and buildings from scratch. It also allows you to create floor plans and designs.

All these factors are what put together the Drafting class and make it something fun to try out and get into!

Now Health class is another great option and choice to get into as an elective class.

Health class is a class that teaches you about important and beneficial concepts and ways to keep yourself healthy. The class teaches you about many things you may have never heard about that can help you to know how to sustain yourself to stay healthy for the present and in the longrun.

The class teaches you on the important topic of drugs and to not take part in consuming the many drugs that are out there. Many high schoolers know of many drugs but don’t really know what they can do to you and how they can potentially kill you slowly or instantly.

Another topic that is touched on in the health class is the importance of keeping your organs and body consistently healthy. Many kids or students, even staff may not know the actual ways to keep your body healthy and it’s important to gain the knowledge of knowing, by taking part in the health class.

Both Drafting class and Health class offer something special for the variety of students at this school. Next year with the 4×4 schedule, students will possibly have more electives and these two will hopefully become more appreciated.

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