How seniors inflicted with senioritis feel about going to school

Seniors here at Tulare Western are getting ready to say goodbye to their time spent in high school. While some are nervous/scared to leave high school and begin a new chapter in their life, others claim they’re ready to leave and get out of this town. So I interviewed some students to see how they were feeling.

Lily Castillo, a senior at Tulare Western, said,“I don’t like coming to school, but I don’t hate it.”

This seems to be a content response. She is neither disgusted at school or happy with it. I’d like to think that this is a good response because school is a privilege and should be appreciated.

Matt Adams, a senior at Tulare Western said “I don’t like school, but I like the teachers.”

When asking the seniors how they felt about coming to Tulare Western, many of the responses seemed to be negative. I believe that this could be an important factor when it comes to the student’s attitude and behavior in class.

While it seems as if many seniors don’t like school or don’t feel the need to have to come every day. Some feel like they could be doing other, more important things.

Noah Case, a senior at Tulare Western, said, “It’s alright I guess. I’d rather be doing other things.”

As much as I agree with what he said, there are still only a handful of things we are able to do for being underage. For example, with getting a job you are only allowed to work a certain amount of hours, so that wouldn’t be beneficial. If you are 14 or 15, you are not even allowed to work more than 3 hours a day and 18 hours a week. Going to both school and college is better for you when are an adult, so you can be working and getting paid more than minimum wage.

Suzie Ortega, a senior at Tulare Western, said, “I like some classes, but others make me wanna cry.”

These answers are similar to the other ones, but they all seem to have something different in mind. There can be countless reasons as to why these seniors feel this way, but many of us won’t really know until you truly feel this Senioritis.

I also asked some people who had already graduated to hear and see if their perspective has changed since graduating. They responses were, “I miss it. Make sure you take advantage of all the things it has to offer.”

Many people can relate to this, because you always hear people saying how they wish they had taken certain classes while in high school. Taking certain classes in high school is very beneficial for two main reasons, it’s free and there are opportunities for one to get ahead for college.

With that being said, have you ever wondered how some students, players, or workers feel? I would advise you to do an anonymous survey to see how you can better your school or workplace.

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