6 Things you Hear about High School That Aren’t Really True.

6 Things you Hear about High School That aren’t Really True.

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza


When we were in elementary school I bet most of us heard a lot of scary things about high school from our teachers in elementary and middle school. But then we got here and we realized that a lot of what they said about it was more or less a bit stretched from the truth. When I got here and noticed all these I thought and said, “They lied!” I was kind of mad but I got over it and laughed at it later.

These are some of the things that I’ve been told or have heard of.

Have to use cursive in high school or else they won’t accept your work. Like all the time. All the time! I remember having to write all my essays in cursive in the fourth grade. We would like an hour every day practicing our cursive. I’m not complaining. I like cursive. It’s fun and so pretty but I just couldn’t then. My hand used to get so tired and it would cramp up. But I write in cursive very nicely now. We don’t even use cursive here. Essays are now done electronically because we have Chromebooks. It’s where most of our work goes.

2. You have to do P.E for 4 years. Yup. This one bothered a few kids but not as much as the other things that I’ve heard. P.E was fun in middle school I didn’t mind this at all. It’s actually two years and every other day. Someone could also technically get rid of one year of P.E. if they went to summer school. I like it here. The first six weeks of P.E have some classes in the pool. Who wouldn’t love it? Ok, maybe a few people but it’s still great. I think the only thing that would be a problem if it was every other day for 4 years would be that people would be really tired. Especially the ones who have sports or practice for something.

3. The projects are very difficult. I actually heard this quite a few times from upperclassmen when I was a sophomore. I feel like this one honestly depends on who it is and what the project is about. I think the only time I had a problem with a project was in my junior English class. You had to base your project on the fact that it could impact the world in some way. There are so many ideas but the bad part was connecting the project to ourselves. I struggled a little but not as much as I would have thought. Projects take up time but they’re ok. They can be fun and interesting, especially the ones where you have to make something. Like in fourth grade when some people had to build their missions for class. I didn’t get to make one, I was stuck with the essay. Either way, it was really nice learning about all the missions.

4. You have to write a lot of essays. This I have also heard but it hasn’t necessarily happened to me. Honestly, I would say that the only reason this would happen would be because of the level that your class is. If it’s a rigorous class then I bet you can expect essays. They are generally practice for the exams that involve a bunch of essays under a certain amount of given time. Practice helps so much with those timed essays. It helps so much that it’s weird when you actually write all the essays and have time to spare. It’s awesome!

5. High school is easy. Oh, this one! This one has actually passed through my head a lot. Like I said before, it really depends on the person and what’s going on with their life at the moment. It can be easy but it can get really difficult when times get tough. It also can depend on our schedules. Most teenagers are incredibly busy. They have to make up time for sports or extracurricular activities. For competitions and events, they have to make time for homework and sleep. It’s difficulty changes everyday honestly. It’s a nice experience though for the most part.

And finally,

6. Everyone is so nice because they are in high school and matured. I feel like this one isn’t true no matter where you go. You will meet rude people everywhere. Not everyone is nice and I am sure that many of us have met these people. For the most part, you will find that a good portion of the students tends to be more mature but everyone does have their silly side. We can’t let that disappear now, can we?

Well these are the few things that I have experienced or heard and I’m very sure that there are more but I couldn’t think of them or I haven’t heard about them. If there are any that have happened to you or you’ve heard it from someone, let me know.








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