Insidious : The Last Key

By Rebecca Arriola & Delilah Becerra

Insidious, a horror series, that was recently released in early January has been rated differently by many. The Last Key is the last and final movie.

To many, this movie was not as good as expected. On the scale of one to ten, to them, it was a four. Many expected the last movie to be scarier than the movies before and maybe even have a better plot.

Other perspectives might say that the movie was rated an eight. The movie really had a tied up plot to the other movies but felt very rushed towards the end of the movie. Also the film was made to be horror but was to many other people it felt like thriller.

The Insidious movies go in a certain order such as : Insidious 3 , Insidious 4 , Insidious 1 & Insidious 2.

Insidious 3

  • A teenager senses her mother’s presence and goes to Elise for help. Though she refuses at first, but ends up helping her because it was an evil spirit instead of her mother.

Insidious 4

  • Elise gets a strange call from a man who lives in her childhood house and claims it’s haunted. She first rejects because that was the spirit she had let out, but she decides to face and confront her fear and destroy it.

Insidious 1

  • A family has realized their son has been a magnet for something/someone in ¨the further.¨ Their surroundings, doctors and such, think its only a coma. Elise then tries to help them, but the father ends up going for him instead.

Insidious 2

  • In the previous movie, the father is taken over by a possession because he went to save his child in “The Further.” Now they try to find every way to help get him back without Elises help.


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