Courtesy Calls

Courtesy Calls

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Growing up we meet lots of people. At the moment of meeting, there is something that may or may not stop you from treating them rudely or not. This is called common courtesy. Being nice to a person that you absolutely despise is not being a liar, you are simply being nice and avoiding any future altercations.

Courtesy calls for lots of things we just need to figure out which of these can separate themselves from being an obligation. But there is an instance where many of us simply don’t use this courtesy and choose to look the other way.

This can relate to putting someone down. To crush their hopes and dreams because it is deemed as crazy or impossible. I’d assume that many of us wouldn’t like to be put down by anyone. It hurts to put it plainly. It makes someone feel as if they are dumb for willing to continue to think beyond, for being curious. It makes many feel that they are fools.

We do things every single day and may not even realize how it can be affecting the people around us. Our happiness, amusement, anger, and sadness cause a chain reaction. There’s a guarantee that all of us are a part of someone’s story for the day. That we make it into their day by walking by and saying good morning or being rude. It can be seen plainly if one were ever a witness to someone taking out their anger on another person. This person then takes it out on another and another, therefore, repeating it.

There are limitations to what a person can deem as no longer being nice and straight up rude. It’s like denying someone the right to laugh at something or denying them a chance to cry. Yes, we certainly don’t like to see people upset or crying but instead of telling them, “Stop crying, I don’t want to see you sad,” which is actually very hard to ignore, we should let them cry but at the same time let them know that there is someone waiting to talk when they need to. Bottling things up doesn’t help the person hurting because it can become much worse as time progresses.

As much as many people say being overly optimistic is ridiculous, it really isn’t. We know things will turn out right even if it takes time. We know what reality is but that doesn’t stop us from believing that such things can really happen. This gives us all hope and will to keep going. Courtesy calls for kindness to strangers, for allowing children to squeal with happiness, and knowing that any bit of kindness is really something. It is what brings many of us together. It unites everyone in a way that should never be forgotten. Kindness is a key to living. 

This takes me to the second part of my rant if it should be called that. What exactly does courtesy call for in society?

As for society, according to the dictionary or actually, “Sociologists define society as the people who interact in such a way as to share a common culture. The cultural bond may be ethnic or racial, based on gender, or due to shared beliefs, values, and activities” which I pulled from google. I see it as who we are and what the world makes up as a whole. I don’t intentionally mean to sound rude but I will express my opinion on society and what many of us generally say about it without truly noticing.

There’s a phrase that I have constantly heard in my entire four years of high school. I’ve seen it in debates and Socratic seminars in English class, or random conversations one accidentally hears on a daily basis. We tend to blame society for everything and I’m assuming that we do it for an unknown reason or because sometimes society has the tendency to become a bit harsh. We seem to separate society from ourselves and give it it’s own person in a way if that makes any sense. But here’s the thing, each and every one of us is what makes society. We are society. We are the ones that decide what’s in or not. We are the one’s that decide what is reasonable or what is deemed alright.

Other common phrases are, “Society says,” or “It’s because of society,” and they are right in a sense. Everything is because of us. Like I said, there were or are instances in time where we, as in the people of the world have made society take a turn for the worse based on approval. Everything is based on a approval now, even more so with the effect of it on social media. Social media is in control of many of the teenagers of our society and I don’t say all because I know that there are many out there that aren’t constantly on their phones using social media sites.

We all can make a difference with a bit of courtesy, a courtesy that radiates kindness. Things can always change for the better if we put our mind to it because we as society, everyone together, we are capable of moving mountains as that phrase goes. Nothing is impossible. It all takes time, we just have to be patient enough to see everything through.


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