Winter Sports Continue from 2017 to 2018


Basketball, soccer, and wrestling have continued their season from 2017 into the 2018 year. Many of these teams have been on a good path, while some have had a tougher year. League began during Winter Break, so the players had to sacrifice their break for the commitment towards their sports team. Along with league games, there were many pre-season practices and tournaments that took place to help ready the teams for league.

Boys basketball has had a great season with a league record of 2-0 up to this point, and an overall record of 15-3. The varsity boys have had a great season and hope to continue their success to an EYL title. Many of these players don’t only play at school, but they also practice on their own to make sure they achieve their goals for the season.

Girls basketball on the other hand has had a rather rough season. This team has had many players get injured, but continues to have a positive attitude. They are continuing to fight through the season, and hope to come out with a couple wins in the next few games.

Boys soccer has been very successful in their season.  The boys have an overall record of 7-6-3 and a league record of 3-1 and close the first round of league with a game against their rivals Tulare Union. Earlier in the season, the boys have had two games against the Tribe, one win and one loss.  

Girls soccer has been pretty successful as well with their league record of 3-1 heading into their rival game tonight as well. Like the boys, this varsity team has already played Tulare Union earlier in the season and came out on top with a win. The varsity girls have an overall record of 11-2-4 on the season.

Mustang wrestling, though it is an individual sport, the boys have been doing well as a group. The boys have had 2 league games so far and have won both. The boys have also been in many tournaments and have done well in most of them.

All of these teams have put in tons of hours in hopes to do the best they can this season and make the most of it. With relatively few games left, all the athletes are eager to see how the rest of the season will go and give their full 100 percent.

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