We do not inherit the earth from our Parents. We borrow it from our Children.

By: William Huffaker

As president of the Environmental Club, I have spent years investing time into a club that has received little recognition from this school and its students.  This is a club that people never realize they would enjoy.  Most people love adventures… a little adrenaline rush to boost their excitement.  Whether they admit it or not, they would love to do some risky things that are a bit dangerous but make a great story.

My sophomore year, our president Cynthia planned two hikes.  The first one we took was a trip to a waterfall just outside of Potwisha.  It was winter and after a great many snowball fights, we commenced the 3 mile hike up to the waterfall.  It was entirely frozen over.  60 foot icicles hung over the edge.  Later that year we went on a hike at the Pinnacles National Park in  eastern California.  It was long and stressful.  It took many hours to reach the top, but once we did it all became worth it.  Some of the pinnacles, which are giant vertically protruding volcanic rocks, reached up 20-30 feet into the air.  Afterwards we took a cave hike.  In it we found underground waterfalls and underground rivers.  In it as we crossed on rocks, water snakes slithered on rocks.

Last year under Hector’s leadership, we took one trip to Marble Falls, also outside of Potwisha.  This was a 6-mile very arduous trip to a pure white waterfall.  Water cascaded over white marble into a river pool.

This year we took another trip to Marble Falls.  That is not the end to it.  Though we have finally reached the end of the first semester, this year for Environmental is barely beginning.  I have planned a trip to the California Living Museum in January, a trip to the Pinnacles again in March and a rafting trip in Morro Bay at the end of the year.

Not only do we have trips, but frequently we do clean-ups around town, whether it be the Santa Fe Trail, the J Street Canals, the train tracks on I Street or parks around town.  Our job in this club is not just to appreciate the environment, but to raise awareness of it and protect it.  Last year we helped to build the tables in our school’s outdoor classroom.  This year I hope to plant a bee garden as well as a General Sherman Giant Sequoia somewhere on campus.  It’s going to be tough, but I think we can do it.

Though we have already traversed through half the school year, it’s never too late to join.  Come out.  See what it’s like.  Come have an adventure.

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