How to get through Finals Week

By: Kendall Hadfield and Savannah Sousa

Finals week is the one week of the school year that everyone dreads.  Most of these tests are capable of making or breaking your semester grade.  Students are focused on raising their grade and turning in all their missing assignments, while teachers spend their time grading all the papers and tests being turned in.  The last two days we spend at school are aimed for teacher to give their final test on what they have taught their students all year long.  If you have an elective class, luckily you won’t have a test or if you do it will be super easy.   However if you’re taking multiple Honors or AP classes, this week is very stressful.  It calls for late nights and numerous hours spent studying or working on presentations.  Here’s a few tips on how to survive your finals week.


  1. Getting a good night’s sleep is very important.  Instead of staying up till 3am, spread your studying time throughout the week.  Being wide awake and mentally ready to go for the test (especially the ones early in the morning) is very crucial for being focused and energized.
  2. Eating a strong healthy meal is considered a great way for generating brain power!  Stay away from foods or drinks with lots of sugars.  Such as cookies, energy drinks, etc.  Focus more on fruit and vegetables, and these foods will give you the power you need to stay concentrated throughout the testing time.  
  3. Unplugging for the week.  This means turning off your phone or anything that distracts you while focus on homework or studying.  This will help you stay concentrated on what actually needs to be done.
  4. Make lists.  By visualizing your thoughts, you are able to see and prioritize what needs to get done right away.
  5. Take breaks.  If you spend two hours studying and your brain starts hurting, it’s always good to take a little break, grab something to eat and get refocused.
  6. Stay positive.  Having a positive mindset is really useful in stressing times, and can make life a little bit easier.  Have some confidence, knowing you will pass the test!!
  7. Study groups.  Studying with other people can be very beneficial.  You are able to create a time just for studying, while getting input from other people.  You may find out things you didn’t know, or can review things you’ve already learned.
  8. Make a schedule.  When it’s time to get super busy you need to be organized.  Knowing when and where something is happening, it  is such a huge help to understand what is going on and what you need to be working on.
  9. Reward yourself.  Set aside time to relax, make plans with friends, or go shopping and reward yourself!  After all the hard work you put in, you deserve something nice and rewarding knowing it was all worth it.
  10.  Show up prepared and have confidence.  Before going into the test make sure you have all the materials needed to help pass the test, whether it be pencils, pens, erasers, calculators, or notes it will all be useful.  Be ready to go takes some stress off of you and can simply focus on the test in front of you.  Having confidence that you will do great and pass the test!


Finals week is known to be very stressful.  Use some of these tips and hopefully it can be just a little bit easier for you!  We wish you the best of luck on all your final exams!


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