Feed the Need

Elizabeth Salazar & Sierra Levy

This whole week ASB is calling everyone to participate in the Feed the Need organization. Feed the Need is a non-profit organization that is created to help assist the homeless and less fortunate by donating reusable or new items that can benefit those whom are in need.


The Tulare Western ASB has created and put together dress up days for the week of December 11th-15th. These days are known as the “Gift of Giving,” in which people are allowed to participate in the act of giving for the Feed the Need organization.


All 5 days have a dress up day assigned to them and also have specific donating days for certain objects and useful items.


Monday is pajama day and anyone and everyone is allowed to dress in their favorite cozy pajamas! Monday was reserved for donating any used or new blankets! Any unwanted blankets, unused, or brand new blankets can be brought to donate!


Tuesday is wear your crazy socks and beanie day! Mix or match, any crazy socks can be worn, along with a crazy beanie! This day you can donate socks! Bring any socks that can be reused for the needy.


Wednesday is ugly Xmas sweater day! Participate by wearing an ugly Christmas sweater that you wouldn’t wear out and about! On this day you can donate and used or new coats. No matter the size, any coat can help the cause and help keep someone warm this winter.


Thursday is considered to be “Xmas Party Day”, which means in other words, to dress nice and fancy but it has been changed to pajama day #2! ! Bring any unused hygiene products that can be used by the homeless and less fortunate. These products shouldn’t be used and should be brand new, due to unsanitary reasoning.


Now the last day to participate is Friday. Dress up as an elf, Santa, or wear your school spirit colors; red, white, and blue! Bring with you a used or new toy if you’d like to donate on this specific day! Each and every toy will make a difference in a child’s life.


All these days are days that are dedicated to helping those whom are in need and are participated as a way of giving to those in the right way. Helping in any way possible by donating what you can will benefit someone who is less fortunate in many ways.


You can participate by donating at least one item of the listed groups of items or by dressing up to show that you are part of the act. Anything helps and it’s a great way to give to those who are in need. So participate and help change someone’s life by doing what you can! It’s the gift of giving!

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