Soccer Teams Start Off On The Right Foot

By: Sierra Levy and Elizabeth Salazar

As both the boys and girls soccer teams start their season, they come out of their first tournaments as champions.

The Mustang boys soccer team played in Buchanan the weekend of December 1st and 2nd, with a total of 3 games. The boys played some tough teams and were able to overcome all of their opponents including Clovis East, Sierra Pacific, and Tulare Union.


Not only were the boys successful, the Mustang girls were able to take home the trophy from their tournament in Lemoore. This tournament was beneficial for the girls because they were able to play 4 games against good teams including: Corcoran, Lemoore, El Diamante, and Hanford West.


Talking to some of the captains from each team, we learn of how these tournaments were not so easily won and how they shed some light as to how these teams think they will do in the rest of the season.


Girls varsity captain, Judith Lopez, said, “We had to overcome the nerves of coming together as a team, with entering this tournament with two wins against two completely different teams. We needed to form as a unit to find our team rhythm to be able to beat any kind of team.” She went on to say, “I learned that my team is a group of hardworking individuals who know how to play as a team for the most part. Due to this unity, we were able to win the tournament.”


Judith, being an individual that is currently hurt, brought up the fact that this group of Mustang soccer players has quite a few hurdles that have to be climbed due to multiple injuries, but states that, “We use our injuries as an opportunity to learn and fight back even stronger when we retake the field.”  


Varsity boys captain, Anthony Sousa, said, “What I learned about my team from this tournament is that they can get pumped and excited before games, especially the one against Union. We play a lot better when we possess the ball and don’t look to be a one man team.” Sousa continued to say, “This tournament prepared us for the season by getting us some good quality games in where we could build team chemistry. It wasn’t all positive though because it caused some of the players to get cocky and believe they can just cruise through the rest of the season, but it won’t be that easy.”


As these teams headed into their seasons they had high hopes and confidence that they could go far this season. The first couple games have helped  build up that confidence and even though there are many injuries, they plan to come back stronger and fight even harder as the season continues.


Both the girls and boys soccer teams learned and grew from these tournaments and plan on working hard this season to achieve the many goals they have planned for this 2017-2018 soccer season.


They plan on working together as a team during practices and give their all during the pre-season and tournament games.


Dedication, competitiveness, and teamwork are all key factors that both teams plan on using this season to help accomplish the many goals set before the season began. All the players, especially the seniors, are planning on having a great season and improving from last year.

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