Welcome to Mustang Country Class of 2022!

By: Taylor Rhyman

On Monday night, December 3rd,  eighth graders from schools all around Tulare came together at Tulare Western to get a little taste of what TW is all about. Whether these students are planning on attending Western next year, or even just considering it, they are given the opportunity to have a preview of everything offered on campus.

The night began with VERY nervous eighth graders and their parents walking through a VERY long tunnel made up of VERY loud band members, cheerleaders, and ASB kids into the VERY packed main gym. After a few cheers, and the fight song, the students and parents were greeted by Tulare Western’s very own Activities Director, Principal, ASB President, and other staff members.

Following the many words of wisdom, the students are sent into the mini gym while the parents stay behind to learn about important information pertaining to school life at TW.

Entering that mini gym is like entering a room full of energy. There are over 30 booths that have information about 30 clubs that are active on campus. Students have the chance to introduce themselves to coaches, teachers, and club advisers. On top of all of this excitement there is also a huge dance party in the middle of the gym.

By 8:00, parents are sent to retrieve their sons and daughters, and everyone returns to their homes with a new perspective of Tulare Western.

Freshman Rally Night is a great night for freshman to calm their nerves, at least a little bit, about their transition to high school.

So, to all the incoming freshman who plan on coming to T-Dubb. . . Get ready to have four amazing, crazy, and somewhat stressful years. Mustang Country is ready for you!






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