By: Savannah Sousa

Senioritis. What is it? A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance, according to Google’s dictionary. Have any of you been feeling it? Recently I have been unmotivated and lazy and wondering why.

The semester is about to end, my AP classes are packing on the homework, college applications deadlines have past or are coming up, and finals are springing up. There is so much to do, I just want to crawl under my blankets and watch Netflix.

Some may say that Senioritis isn’t real. That it’s just something students make up as an excuse to be lazy.

I went out and got the point of view of a senior English teacher, Mrs. Marquez.

I love the way Mrs. Marquez summarized Senioritis. “I think Senioritis is real because seniors make it real.”

As a student, if I did not know the word Senioritis I would still feel the effects of the looming college applications and scholarships but just call it stress. Senioritis is a term that unites seniors. If calling senior stress “Senioritis” helps seniors cope with the overwhelming stress of preparing for college and the real world then let them.

The high points of Senioritis occur near college application deadlines, AP tests, and the many other deadlines that come with senior year.

Hang in there, seniors. Senioritis is real but you will get through it.

Here are some links to help you stay updated on deadlines:

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