Have we let our smart devices take over?

By: Michael Olivares

Have we let our smart devices get to us? Nowadays everything we do is connected to the internet somehow, even the simplest things like locking your front door, starting your car, or even turning up the thermostat. Then again the human race is evolving and we want to make our daily lives more efficient.

The internet is probably one of the best things thing that could ever happen to the human race. It can connect us with people from halfway around the world but can it be used responsibly?

It gets things done, but if you take a minute and think about it, some motor vehicle accidents and other daily accident that don’t even involve a motor vehicle, are caused because the individual was distracted with their mobile devices. I can’t tell you how many times I myself have bumped into people for being on my phone, or vice versa.

I myself have an Apple Watch, I got it to be more efficient, remind me of things, and the only difference it has from a phone is that it’s directly on your wrist, so you directly feel a vibration when it’s trying to notify you. One thing I like about the watch is it helps keep you healthy, it reminds you to stand up if you’ve been laying down to long, or to breath for a minute, these are things people generally tend to forget, because stress is a big part if health, physically and mentally.

Kim Possible is a perfect example on how technology has accelerated. In a variety of episodes Kim, the main character was contacted through video chatting, via mobile mobile device. The show aired in 2004 and Video Facetime was introduced later that decade in 2010, when the Iphone 4 was released by Apple.

The Terminator series is an accurate example as well, on how modern technology takes over. Besides the movie being fictional, it was accurate with how some future technology works, or is made. If just like Kim possible, we were so precise with how we could video chat, how precise are we to letting technology take over, and nearly destroy the human race.

Being conservative is a good idea, the traditional pen and paper is very simple for taking notes, unlike now where most college classes recommend you have a computer to take notes, but the downside to it is, you can’t let your device’s battery drain, so you must charge it. Meaning you have to wait for it to regain it’s battery life, then you must save your notes onto your device, or drive or else you would have lost it. My point is we better do something quick before we keep letting these devices take over, and make them a priority, because in reality, the priority was never to follow their command, but to make our lives more efficient. But at what cost?

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