No Shave November

By: Kendall Hadfield

No Shave November here at Tulare Western is not just your ordinary month of not shaving.  The ASB program asks teachers and participants of clubs to gather donations if they are willing to go without shaving for a whole month.  All donations go towards Operation Warmth.  This project provides the homeless people here in Tulare with warm clothes and a catered meal.   All the proceeds of No Shave November will go towards funding for this service project.  There are four categories for teachers to participate in: clean start, manliest, scruffiest, and legs.

Clean Start: Mr Magallanes (counseling), Mr. Costa, and Mr. Quezada                              Scruffiest: Mr. Cardoso,   Mr. Porchia, and Mr. Hamilton
Manliest: Mr. Rosa, Mr. Smith, Mr. Azevedo, Mr. Vidak, and Mr. Jacobo
Legs: Mrs. Dillion, Mrs. Pertersdorf, and Mrs. Hamilton                                                       

Students who participate for their clubs:

Girls:                                                                 Boys:

Raylee Garsa                                                   Ezra Emrich

Savannah Sousa                                              Jonathan Harman

Esther Franco                                                  Alex Estrada

Ana Sanchez                                                   Caleb Gomes

Taylor Rhyman                                               Luis Espinoza

Julia Placensia                                                 Thomas Rosa

Machela Avila

Madison Mccarthy


The overall amount raised was $2,013.52.  Mrs. Dillon raised $ 1,453.52.  Mr. Cardoso raised $51.42.  Mr. Quezada $159.51.  Mr. Azevedo $117.49.  And the circus club raised the most money out of all the clubs with $17.35.  With this money ASB will be buying over 250 pizzas, and multiple warm clothes (jackets, beanies, blankets, etc.)  to give out to all the homeless people around town.  This event will be taking place on December 21st, 2017.  This event is extra special because V.I.P. Pizza will be closing business for the whole day to help prepare all the pizzas.

No Shave November has lasted 30 long days for these participants.  If a student or staff member shaved they would then have to donate $20 themselves.  Each person was given either a blue or red bucket to collect all their money in.   The person with the best decorated bucket will receive a prize for their amazing creativity.  At the end of the week,  either Thursday or Friday each  bucket was collected, counted, and posted the progress of each participant in front of the corral in the marquee so everyone could see the updated weekly winners.  Many teachers encouraged all their students to bring in any extra cash or change that they had to help win.  Some teachers even offered extra credit if you donated.  Although this event may seem a little bit gross or a bit uncomfortable, the teachers who do it understand that it is for a great cause.  The people who benefit from No Shave November truly appreciate it.

No Shave November is a very unique way to show support for the homeless.  Tulare Western has always had the goal of reaching out to our community as much as possible.  Doing little things like not shaving for a whole month to collect donations can go a long way.  Thank you to all students and staff members who participated and donated towards this great cause.  People outside the school will be greatly impacted from everyone who contributed to No Shave November.

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