The King


BY: Aglaheth Zaragoza


As the sun began to set no one could look anywhere else but the King. He held his head with a humble pride as the sun met him upon that pedestal of stone. A throne fit for a King yet he still felt as if something was missing. In his eyes, you could see the love he had for his people. He grew up hearing he was destined for so many great things, even more so now that he had become the leader of so many. A King of a land so vast and thriving with so much life made his heart swell with happiness and honor. He was proud, and he knew that he would use everything in his power to keep them safe. He knew that his final breath would be for those he loves and those he would protect.

But once again, he had that nagging feeling that he was different, that he was not yet complete. But why would a King not be content when he has so much? I tell you he was not one for greed. He was content, but all he really wanted was to fill his soul with a different kind of happiness. When he looked to the horizon his heart skipped a beat for at the watering pool lay his heart. He puffed his chest and let the wind caress his mane as he thought of how life would be if he could share his heart and fill it with the love that he so desperately yearns for. For the love that he has seen amongst his people

He could think of no other creature than her to live life hunting through the night. He dreamed of running through the tall grass that always met his whiskers when he stopped to relax for one moment with her. He couldn’t explain this feeling, he just knew what the others before him taught him and what they had lived. He knew of the creatures with strange limbs and no fur. He had seen one before on his many adventures out west. They looked so soft and squishy, so different from his feline compatriots and subjects. They had no beaks, paws or hoofs yet they wore such strange skin of varying sizes and color.

He has never really had a problem with them, but they never gave him reason to be alarmed. They seemed to be more scared of him than he was of them. It was strange really to see how in the outskirts of the land he called his own, these creatures lived in strange homes that had no way in. It was different but he found himself wishing that he was a part of what they called a family. Their actions were so different but when he saw these fur less creatures argue among each other he could imagine many of the young ones he ruled over to behave in a similar way.

As he saw the stars begin to twinkle he looked down to the watering pool once more and let himself rest and set his head on his paws. He could learn to love the hard days, but these, these were the kinds he never wished to let go. His parents were proud of the way he had taken charge and had respect for everyone. After all, he knew that respect was earned and he was very glad that he had earned it. He in no way wished to lose it or lose the trust his people have placed in him.

There were so many things that he wanted but could not have. Then there were the things he wanted to do for his people that would take time and be worth it. He just wished every night upon the star that had become his mother that he would grant him, someone, to love and share his heart with. He wanted this so bad and he could not have it. She was not for him, yet she was his twin flame. A twin flame met to match his own even if she seemed to be happy with who she was around now. He vowed to always see her happy. And every night when he looked up to the heavens he could see his mother’s soul star twinkle in approval for he had made her as happy as possible even if it was from afar.

He would wait for her for as long as he was possibly allowed even if it hurt him. If she ever needed someone he would be there. Standing tall and waiting for the moment to be able to make her smile once more.

He was given an honor so grand that he became a true King the moment he chose to sacrifice what his heart wanted to become the ideal leader for his people. It was a sacrifice so many few were willing to make and it is what made him so different from his ancestors. He was willing to sacrifice his heart, his only love, to see his people through.

He is the king that had come to build a land of endless peace and his name was Rowan.


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