Gym closes: how to stay motivated

By Savannah and Kendall

As most of you may know by now, one of the popular gyms, Evolutions, has recently closed down.  The gym was owned by the hospital, which is closing down as well, so that led to the end of Evolutions.  The tragedy of this closure is that multiple people will not be able to work out the same way anymore.  However, there are many alternatives to still staying in shape.  You might not have all the tools at the tip of your fingers like you used too, but there are still great workouts you can use to continue fitness.

The obvious solution is to switch gyms. Here is a list of gyms in Tulare and what makes them unique.

Fitness Evolution: Fitness evolution is a basic gym and has many of the amenities Evolutions had. It is a little bit smaller but does the job. It is even closer to us on the westside (located on cross ave.) than Evolutions was. The gym’s hours are 5am-11pm on weekdays. A basic membership is $9.99 a month and the premium is $19.99 a month. The gym offers amenities like:

30min circuit training
Abs and stretch area
Cardio machines with personal HD TVs

Cardio movie theatre
Circuit training
Dry sauna
Executive locker rooms
Free Weights
Group exercise classes
Juice bar
Kids club child care
Personal training

Iron grip gym: Iron grip gym is more known for weightlifters and not the average joe. Even though this is their image, the gym has treadmills and elliptical machines just like the other gyms so don’t be intimidated. The gym is located at 299 S. “L” St. Tulare, CA 93274 and the membership is $35 a month. The hours are Monday-Friday 5am – 9pm, Saturday 9am -2pm, Sunday Closed.

Grizz’s Power House Gym: This gym is also known for weightlifting but it does have treadmills and areas to work out. The unique aspect of this gym is that it is open 24/7. A membership is $35 a month for a single (there are couple and family discounts) with an enrollment fee of $69. It is located at 550 S Blackstone St, Tulare, CA 93274.

Crossfit gym: This gym is a bit different because it is not just an open gym setting. It has scheduled times for certain classes. Crossfit is not just the name of the gym but it is the program this gym is based on and has to be done a certain way. If you are looking for an intense workout this is the gym for you. Its hours are 6am-10am and 2pm-8pm. There are many different types of memberships and many different prices their website goes into more detail. It is located at 1526 S K St, Tulare, CA 93274.

One way is simply jogging/running around your nearest high schools track, or the closest park near your home. Be sure to invest in good running shoes if you plan on running long term. You should also look into starting a running schedule so that you can take breaks and not overdo it. Running could be harmful to your body if not done correctly. Here are some links if you are interested in starting to run long term:

An alternative to running on a track or around your block is simplifying running on a treadmill. Don’t go out and buy one but if there is one getting dusty in storage bring it out and use it.

A few great workouts to do anywhere are burpees, push ups, pull ups, squats, legs, lunges, and sit-ups. You can even combine these with running. These exercises are well known and fairly easy to do.  Three sets of ten is a great number to start out with and slowly work up your endurance.  

Some full body workouts are inchworms, crab walks, bear crawls, and duck walk.

Find a place in your house that you are able to work out your legs.  Such as squats, squat jumps, calf zillas, dog kicks, etc.

If you don’t have free weights or a medicine ball, use reliable stuff around your house.  

Many people might even invest in a personal trainer. Personal trainers are well-trained professionals who can create an exercise plan that is perfect for you and your goals. There are many part-time trainers eager to take clients. Most gyms offer personal trainers and some personal trainers rely on word of mouth, so ask around the community if you’re interested.

Another basic way of working out is by joining a sports team.  At most schools, they offer many sports with great coaches who get involved.  Joining school athletics is a great way to not only stay in shape, but pursue passions, make great friends, and awesome memories.  Here at Tulare Western the sports offered are: football, volleyball, tennis (boys and girls), golf (boys & girls), cross country, track, wrestling, baseball/softball, basketball (boys & girls), swimming/diving, waterpolo, cheer, and soccer (boys & girls).  

You could also get involved in your community by training with a group for triathlons, 5k’s, and marathons.  These may be a bit extreme for some, but it’s an idea to stay focused and have a goal that you want to reach.  

Before working out, make sure you are properly equipped.  Make sure your body has had enough water to stay hydrated (continue to drink water during your workout), getting enough sleep so you have enough energy for the workout, eating food so you don’t get light headed or the feeling of you passing out and stretching before any sort of exercise so you don’t pull or tear any muscles.

Living a healthy lifestyle has many advantages.  Some advantages are reducing the risks of multiple diseases, healthy weight, lower your cholesterol, treat depression, improve sleep, and control muscle and bone health.  Simply working out and having a healthier diet can lead to great results within your body.  

Just because you won’t have Evolutions as a gym anymore should not stop you from working out. Set a goal and stick to it, just because you don’t have a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t keep a routine. Stay motivated!

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