Which Break is Preferred ? By: Sierra Levy & Elizabeth Salazar

Everyone loves having a break every once in awhile. Months, weeks, few days, everyone has their own preference and opinion on what type of break they prefer. The one time everyone looks forward to having a break is during the school year. Staff, students, and even the parents who wake up every morning to take their child to school look forward to taking a break.


Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Spring ? We decided to conduct a survey to find out the preferred break time students and staff wish to have over the other. All 3 breaks contain different holidays to celebrate and as well as different time periods and seasons. Many have their own opinion on each, so let’s dig in deeper.


Thanksgiving break, a break that is held in the fall. This break is a week long and the holiday is also held during the break. It’s a great time to relax before the final semester grading period. Most people savor during this week of break with what seems like endless food that comes with Thanksgiving!


Now Christmas break, tis’ the season. Everyone looks forward to Christmas. This break takes place in the winter and is about three weeks long! This break is held as a placeholder between the end of semester grades and the start of a new semester, when break time is over. Christmas Eve and Christmas is celebrated during the time being. A new year also begins! Many look forward to the sweets, gifts, celebration, and time with family and friends.


Spring break is held in Spring, as many should know. Spring break is a week long and is usually taken as a random break that has just been thrown into the year. Although, many enjoy the break, but it may not be everyone’s first choice. Easter is celebrated during this time, which is a great time to get together with friends and family and carry on the traditions many people seem to have when Easter comes around.

After having a little bit of background of all three breaks that are held throughout the school year, here are the final results of what most people prefer:


Curious as to why it was Christmas is the most popular, we interviewed a few of the students and a teacher.


An anonymous teacher said they liked Thanksgiving break because of “the pecan pie as well as all the amazing food. As well as people are more thankful and it’s not just about gifts like many of the other holidays.  And most importantly, the time is spent focusing on family.”


Next we found out why SOO many of the students voted christmas break as their favorite. The main reason is obviously, it is a three week break from school. But some students also said they liked it because they “like giving gifts and the positive vibe that everyone gives off.” They went on to say that it was a great because, “there is two holidays in the one break, Christmas and New Years.”


The second most popular was spring break and a few students said that it was because, “it is the only major break second semester” and another student said, “it is usually a week of vacationing at the beach which everyone loves.”


This experience opened our eyes to see what today’s generation is truly into and what makes them like what they do. Coming into the first break of the year, we are thankful for the time off of school to be able to  spend time with family and friends.

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