Athlete of the Month: Football

By: Michael Olivares

Rigoberto Lopez-Cordero, or as most of us know him, “Rigo,” is The Stampede’s Athlete of the Month. Rigo isn’t just your average football player, then again what is the average football player? When you think of an athlete do you picture a player walking around school in their letterman jacket, expecting special treatment? Well that’s not the case here, at least not with this football player.

Ever since Rigo was a freshman he realized he wanted to try something different, believe it or not he was actually shy, until he had the great idea to join the Tulare Western Football team. He knew doing something like this would take him out of his comfort zone, and ever since I met him he’s never been close to shy.

Rigo was  placed in the Varsity Team his junior year, but in his sophomore year he was brought up from junior varsity to varsity to play in the annual rival Bell Game between Tulare Western and Tulare Union, and the play-offs that followed.

Rigo, number 66 on the field plays as Right Guard, and D-line Nose. Not only does Rigo play for football, but also with Coach Rodriguez , as shot put, check out his stats at .

Rigo has a way with words, he is someone who is very open-minded, literally about anything, and he’s someone I know I can talk to when I have a problem. For someone who was shy in middle school, he sure is an outgoing person now who is ready to face any challenge that is thrown at him.

If you see Rigo around on campus, or on the field, don’t be shy to say hello or even spark a conversation. And to my shy readers out there, know just like how Rigo over came his shyness and tried something new, it wouldn’t hurt for you to try something new as well, and who knows you might even like it, and next thing you know you could be doing something spectacular, like playing varsity in the annual Bell Game.

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