Girls Tennis and Golf Seasons Come to an End

This last week both Tulare Western Mustang girls tennis and girls golf teams ended their seasons. This year our tennis team went 6-4 in league and our golf team had a league record of 9-1.

The girls tennis team took third place in league and had a season similar to last year. Talking to Coach Tony Rodriguez, we got insight into how the girls have been improving, but had about the same record as last season. Coach Rodriguez shared with us how he was proud of the girls on the team this year and all the hard work they put in.

One player that has played since her sophomore year and has continually improved is Viviana Alvarado. We talked to Alvarado about how she got into playing tennis and how she was motivated to improve herself for the better of the team.

She shared, “I decided to play tennis because during summer school Coach Rodriguez told me to go out there and try it out. I kept playing tennis throughout the years because it was the only sport where I can take it easy and chillax.” She continued, “Throughout the season Rodriguez encouraged me by pushing me to my best ability and by helping me realize my individual potential. Playing as number two on the latter pushed me to play my best and nothing but that, as well as playing singles and doubles. So I have to encourage both myself and my partner to win a match, because we should always be an automatic win. Also, knowing that the 2 out of the 9 matches being played are mine, makes me want to perform even better.”

The girls golf team has also had a great season. Compared to last year, the girls came out with a strong mindset that they wanted to win league and they worked hard to achieve it. The Mustang golf girls had many great seniors that have helped them reach their goal this season. The star player, that people have been talking about since her freshman year, is Madison McCarthy.

She stated, “I was inspired to play golf because I wanted to try something new! I had done competitive swimming for years, and I really hated it. Golf was the perfect change of scenery. Once I started playing, I realized I actually really enjoyed it, so I kept it up and look where I am now!” She then shared, “The bond we have as a team inspires me to do good for the team! The leadership position I’ve been in throughout my high school golf career pushes me to do better! Individually, I’m really competitive and determined, plus golf has become one of my passions, so I’m always working towards getting better!”

Both Tulare Western teams as well as the stand out players had a great season this year. They will take with them many memories and always remember the fun times they had playing on their teams.

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