Golf Team Takes on Valley

By Kendall Hadfield and Savannah Sousa

If you haven’t heard, our golf team recently won the EYL title. In the East Yosemite League, there are six teams: Tulare Western, Tulare Union, Mission Oak, Porterville, Monache, and Delano. Out of all 6 teams, Tulare Western came out on top with a record of 9-1.  They took first in the EYL tournament advancing them to play at Valley. The Valley tournament was Monday, October 23rd at the Valley Oaks golf course in Visalia.  

Before the match, we went out to see how the team was feeling.  The first person we interviewed was Raylee Garsa, a Senior.

“I feel pretty confident considering yesterday we went out to play and got a feel for the course.  I didn’t do my best individually so I’m ready for a comeback.”

The team had a previous CIF tournament on the same course so was familiar with the holes. This is important because it makes the team more comfortable with all the curves and the greens. 

Usually, players compete by themselves but at the end of the match, their scores are put together in order to get a whole team score. For the Valley match, if a player scored 95 or less then they would move on to Individual Valley which is happening this upcoming Monday the 30th. 

Madison Mccarthy shot an 88 and is the only one from Tulare Western moving to the Individual Match on Monday. At Individual Valley if she scores a score low enough, she will then move on to compete at State.  

Before the Valley match, we asked Madison how she felt.  

“First of all before I say anything I want to give a special shout-out to Mr. Aye for helping me out with my long game and really supporting me throughout my golf journey. Aside from that, I’m really excited for Monday and I’m excited that the whole team gets to come and we’re going to try and have some fun so it should be a good day!”

When asked if there was anything she could do to improve her score. McCarthy said, “One thing I will work on is my drive because the last match I wasn’t hitting my drive too well and when you don’t have a good drive it takes more yards to finish.”

We then went around to  rest of the team to see how they were feeling before their big match and what their personal goals were.

Ashlyn Vieira, Junior, said “My best game was against Golden West and I shot really good, so did everyone else so it was a good team that day. I feel pretty good going into Valley because we keep practicing at the course we are going to play at, so I’m looking forward to it.”

Ashley Stephens, Junior, said “I actually feel quite confident going into this match because we are paying at Valley Oaks again and it’s where I got my best score. We played 9 holes yesterday and I got a 51 and I wasn’t playing well that day and I’m pretty sure I can get a 48 again. I need to work on my short game.  I can hit my long shots but not my short shots. I am able to control my distance so I would work on my pitching and chipping.” (Pitching is when the player is close to the hole and are needing to use the wedge club.  Chipping is where the player is super close to the hole and just want to lightly tap the ball in.)

Michaelanne Pitman, a Senior, said “My best game was against Tulare Union because we knew we had to win and the whole team came together and won. I feel really confident, our team has been practicing really hard and we are just ready to kill it.”

Overall, the team seemed to be feeling ready and prepared for the upcoming match.  The girls have worked hard all season for this moment and are not about to let their opponents intimidate them. Our golf team’s season has come to an end but be sure to cheer Madison McCarthy on as she heads to the Valley individual competition and hopefully on to State. Good Luck Madison!

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