Quality Football Players of the Season

As we all know, football season is one of the most exciting seasons, as well as the most fun. Football games are always loud and crazy, but we wouldn’t have this without our football players. Our Mustang football team always works hard, gets through intense practices, & watches film to compete against other high school football teams. Throughout the season of football there are always a few players that shine within the team. We decided to ask two of the main coaches whom they thought so far have shined the most out of the games that have already been played this year.


We talked to coaches, Luis DaSilva and Ryan Rocha about who they think have shown the best this season both for offense and defense. Coach DaSilva, offensive coordinator, said, “This year has been a team effort but if I had to choose and outstanding player it would be David Alcantar. He is a running back and wide receiver for offense. I love how he can be used for trick plays, to run, to catch, and can be used for all purposes.” Some words that can characterize Alcantar are, “Hard worker. Competitor. Hates to lose. Wants to be the best.”


47188David Alcantar                                     67914 Tyler Loscutova


Coach Rocha has similar words about defensive player, Tyler Loscutova. Coach Rocha stayed, “Loscutova is not the player everyone expects to be good and he put in a ton of work over the off season to become a great asset for this season. When us coaches grade our players over the weekend, Loscutova always grades the best. He went on to describe him as, “A player who has a motor. He wants to be the best he can be, with work ethic and technique. He has really separated himself from the pack in the way he works to improve himself for the better of the team, not to be the best on the team.”

Our football team has been doing amazing this season and is undefeated in league so far. These two players have been great assets to the team and helped them strive to be as good as they are this season. As we continue to go from game to game, all of our Mustang boys have been putting in work to prepare for the most important game, the Bell Game. Just like our boys, Tulare Union has had a good season and has also been undefeated up until now. This means that the Bell Game will be a very tough game that should keep both teams on their heels with excitement. We look forward to the rest of the season and being able to support our boys.


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