By: Aglaheth Zaragoza__________________________________________________________________

Growing up everyone constantly hears someone repeat a very inspirational phrase that has affected them in a certain way. When the marching season began for these marching band students, the inspirational speeches were rolling. I’m not kidding. There was one after practice, always. But what had to be taken into consideration was whether or not we were actually listening to what was being said and truly evaluating it and taking it to heart. You just hear the same thing over and over again to the point of madness. But I tell you, it’s with good reason.

They strive to make us better and push past the limits that we thought we had. They wanted to break that invisible barrier that was stopping us from doing what they knew we were capable of. By they, I mean our director and instructors. I spend hours with these people. Hours! As much as we may annoy each other, there’s no doubt that we are one big family. From sweat in our eyes to leaves in our hair, we were able to accomplish many things. I wouldn’t change for the world.

I don’t think I can get tired of saying that I love the band and what it is. I love the life lessons and the unforgettable moments spent with these people as much as we may irritate each other. 

Since July with its blistering heat, to today with the chill in the air, we continue to practice and push past the tiredness we feel. All the practice isn’t for nothing. Why would we spend so much time practicing if it wasn’t meant for something?

The answer to that would be that it is and it’s worth it. It was worth it the day the band heard themselves being announced as first place winners for the field award last Saturday. An unforgettable 14th of October.

It was so quiet when they were announcing the names and I don’t think I can forget what I felt in that moment. I was in shock because it had been a while since the band had received an award as a whole in that specific area. This though doesn’t mean much. It’s great and all but this just means that our work is paying off and now we have to work harder.

Believe me, I am very happy. The best part of it though was knowing that we had won as a group, as a team, and as a family. I celebrated with ice cream but as I ate it I knew that I had to start preparing for that moment for next week. I needed to “flip the switch,” a common phrase said amongst our members of the band.

I needed to understand that it was great that we had placed but I also needed to get my head together and know that I still had a long way to go. We all do. I accept that. We just need to make it happen and center our thoughts. There is only forward now. We cannot afford to take steps back.

Here is one of the memorable band moments that we all have.

Thursday night before we were about to head home, we were gathered in a circle. My director asked us if we knew why our symbol was above the chest and not on the left shoulder. We just nodded our heads. 

He said, “The reason I wanted it there was because it takes a lot of this to be in this program.” By “this” he meant the heart. It takes a lot of heart to be in this program, choosing to spend hours in the heat and cold. To choose to come to practice on Saturday’s and to be so dedicated to this band that it has become our second home.

Some may even say it is their first home. We choose to take orders and get out of our comfort zone to get things done. We should be proud of what we do and keep going. Anyone can be unstoppable if they only put their mind to it and have the heart to back it up.

Believing as well as thinking is what will help us continue. All we can do now is wait and hope that our hard work will continue to pay off.


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