Volleyball Girls Face Union

Tulare Western varsity volleyball faced their rivals, Tulare Union Tribe, for the first time this 2017 season.The big game took place at Tulare Western on October 9th at 6:30 p.m. This was the Mustangs’ first match-up against Tulare Union Tribe. Our Mustang girls took a lot of time and effort to try their best to compete against the Tribe. Many emotions stir up during a rivalry game- excitement, nervousness, and anxiousness. As this game came nearer the Mustang girls did what they had to prepare. The girls watched film, looked at the weaknesses that they needed to fix, had team bonding, and countless hours of practicing.

Although our Mustang girls were defeated by the Union, they look forward to the rematch in a few weeks. As we interviewed a few of the players, we got some insight to the game and what the girls think they need to do to improve.

Interviewing sophomore, Chastine Gist, she said “We were expecting a really good game and a really good match but we did not play to our full potential and we were a little disappointed. I think we could mentally prepare better and have more communication on the court and work hard during practices, so that we are prepared for the next match. I can also improve myself by working on my sets.”

We then spoke to senior, Victoria Martin. She stated, “I expected to play differently than we did. I expect for the next game more intensity and a lot more communication, as well as picking up my teammates when they’re down and by taking the next practices that we have coming up very seriously, improving our warm ups, and as well as making them more intense.”

After speaking to the team, we understood the expectations they had for the game and also the determination they have to improve and prepare themselves for their next match-up game against the Union. Nothing ever comes easy and the girls plan on working even harder to beat their rival and comeback even more prepared than their first match with the Tribe. Wins don’t come easy and the girls know what they have to do to try their best to play at their full expected potential. If the girls continue to work hard and have the right mind set, they may have a chance to get the Tribe back with a win!

The next time these two teams will be for The Ball. Just like football has The Bell, our volleyball girls play for The Ball. Last year was the first in over a decade that our Mustang girls were able to beat the tribe for The Ball and they hope to repeat this year. This game will be a memorable one for the whole team, but especially for our seniors because it will be their last game being a part of the Tulare Western Mustang Volleyball program. These girls plan to play their hearts out and make every point count. We wish them the best of luck and will be there to support on October 25th.

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