Give Us Sleep, Or Give Us Death

Does the “Early Bird” really get the worm?

Long, long ago, in what seems now to be an ancient past, Friday mornings were not filled with dread, drowsiness, and bitterness, but rather with enthusiasm, pride, and rejuvenation. The time we speak of was before the wretched doomsday – before the extinction of the beloved Late. Start. Friday. 

The tragic news broke the day we received our summer informational packets, the day happiness died. Nothing would ever be the same again.

The idea that we were solely stripped of an extra hour of sleep is purely a misconception. Extra time that was once for donut trips, face painting, and catching up on homework is now gone.

Friday mornings were once enjoyed by many, but now by only the few stragglers arriving at school before 7:50 a.m.

To this, we say, nay.

To depict the vast level of agreement with our opinion on this particular topic, we have surveyed some students and teachers here on campus to see what they think!

One anonymous student was asked how he felt about the late start recall, “. . . terrible. It was a bad idea to bring. And 1:45 Wednesdays? Nonsense.”

The nonsense is widely felt.

Another student responded, “I hate it because I’m late to school every single day. I used to be early on Fridays, but now I’m late 5 days a week instead of the usual 4.”

“I hate them [Early Fridays]. I want my Friday mornings back. I want to sleep.”

The students have wants and the students have needs.

“I’m kind of bummed. Late start Fridays were a blessing,” stated another student.

From blessing to curse, early morning Fridays are the worst.

The fact of the matter is that there was some reasoning behind the implementation of this order of sadness. “Early release” Wednesdays are intended to give teachers a designated time to partake in their PLC meetings, which were once on Friday Mornings, hence our late start Fridays.

It was difficult for teachers to be held accountable for attendance of a before school event during winter schedule, and thus they were relocated, along with our happiness.

An anonymous teacher stated, “I prefer to keep our meetings on Friday morning, as opposed to Wednesdays. It was easier to meet in the mornings when we were fresh, and it just worked better.”

If it ain’t broke, why try and fix it?

Another said,”I much, much, much preferred late start Fridays.”

Fridays for the people, requested by the people.

All in all, it becomes apparent when taking both the fact and feelings of the matter into consideration, that no one likes early start Fridays. No one wants early start Fridays. Early start Fridays are ruining lives, tearing friendships apart, and changing Tulare Western forever – for the worse.

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the question.

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