Differential Steps

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza ___________________________________________Growing up many of us may have heard that everything starts off with baby steps. Progressing in something always starts with these kinds of steps. It seems that they are becoming different as you grow up and transition between the grades in school. Learning something new, like an instrument, takes time. It is why this phrase can be strung together so well with something that takes time.

It is true, but in order to take this phrase further, we must think of the way that it can affect daily life. Seniors will be practically taking a leap of faith. There are no more baby steps. As soon as they cross that invisible line, those tiny steps become more. Life is changing with these steps, and it all depends on the person for the preferred outcome.

There is a feeling of wanting to get things done and over with for some when they enter into their senior year. Then there are others who don’t want to leave. No matter what they may want, they will all end up getting the nervous and excited jitters that many of us tend to get. Then again, there are also the brave few who actually stick with wanting to leave as soon as possible and don’t feel nervous in the slightest.

Personally, I think I would be scared. I feel like I would be stepping into the unknown. Which is kind of true, but I applaud those people because my mind comes up blank when I think, “What I will want to do now?” Then I feel like I’m treading over dangerous waters, and I know that it’s fine to not know what you will be doing and it’s alright to change your mind, even if it costs more. I would like to say that change is great if it is benefitting a person in the right way.

Life is about learning something new every single day.

Everyone is capable of changing these baby steps and turning them into what they need to be. Sometimes the scariest jump is what leads to what you want. Take the leap. This is what senior year is about. There are no more following steps, someone else will follow them and it’s time to make our own. Don’t fear the future, it’s a prize in itself. Take in the past and embrace your mistakes, they are not always what they are. Learning from them is what makes someone a better person, they took the risk and changed their step.

As life continues on after high school, you begin to hear the second phrase. This one is, “They are following your footsteps.” You went from following to having someone you care about begin to follow you. It’s a decision to see whether or not they are good. Leave a mark and hope that someone else follows you and leaves there own mark after finally leaving and following their own steps. If you have siblings, no matter where you stand in age, one of them will always be looking up to you.

Even a child you babysit can be influenced by you, and want to be just like you. It’s difficult and nice to know that you have such a great impact and influence in someone’s life.

You know that one quote that seems to be used a lot, by Gandhi, that says, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” Well someone isn’t joking when they say that to you. They actually mean it, and this phrase must be something to consider if you hear it more than once.

Life is full of surprises and one is to see the impact that you have caused. To be able to look back and smile at what has been accomplished and what knowledge has been gained. I feel that the best part would be to look back and just see how much someone has grown and seen how happy they have become.

Live life and be happy. Allow yourself to live in the moment and know when to take a chance. Those steps shouldn’t ever hold you back. Journey’s are long and tough but the greatest reward is to see what lays beyond that final jump. Change your steps and join those who have taken their leaps of faith because it is a journey worth taking.

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