Kickoff to League

By: Elizabeth Salazar and Sierra Levy

Kickoff to League

Volleyball, boys water polo, and girls water polo begin their actual season September 26th. These teams have been preparing for league since the beginning of summer and continued to do so in hopes that they will go farther and do better than last year. As this moment finally arrived, many of the players and coaches believe that this will be a successful season.

Volleyball begins their league season with a game against Delano. The girls hope to come out being at least 500 in league so they can move on to playoffs. As these girls put in hundred of hours between the double days over summer, all the preseason games, and the tournaments, the girls feel prepared to take on their first opponent and continue on through the rest of the season.

Coach Laura Brinkman speaks of how her team is prepared to take on this challenge and feels confident in her team and program. “I expect us to do better than we did last year, hopefully get some more wins and bring the ball back home again. Mission Oak will be the toughest game plus they’re in our division, so we can possibly see them in play-offs.”

Boys water polo went 1 and 7 last year and are hoping to improve that record this season. Girls water polo was 0 and 8 last season and are expecting to do better this time around. Both teams kickoff their seasons with their hardest opponent on September 26th against Garces. Like the volleyball girls, all the water polo players have put in the work over summer, in their dryland workouts, and training in the pool.

Talking to the boys varsity water polo captain, Dax Korenwinder, was an eye opener. “I think we can beat Union twice this year. We’ve already seen them three times so we know what to expect. Our league is very tough so we aren’t expecting to win very many games.”

We spoke to the girl’s water polo coach to ask how the girls have been doing and what her expectations are for league. She stated, “We had a tough pre-season, but the girls are going to work hard and try to do good and improve throughout this season.”

All three sport teams have great expectations for this year’s 2017 season and are hoping to make improvements. There will be lots of competition, game day hype, and some good wins or tough losses. Every one of these teams will try their best to make their season better than the year before no matter how hard it gets. These teams work hard during practice and play hard, so come show our Mustang teams some support! You can show the support to any of the teams by attending the home games and the nearby away games. The support helps the teams by motivating them to play their hardest, especially when they play their rivals.

Show your appreciation, come out and support, and show your school pride for the Tulare Western Mustangs!

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