Homecoming Kick Off!

By Elizabeth Salazar and Sierra Levy

As Homecoming begins, the whole school begins to buzz with excitement. Not only are the seniors who are hoping to be queen or king ready for the week to get started but the whole school is getting involved. ASB is also putting in many hours to get everything prepared for this special event. This week the candidates are hoping to make it to the next round which is top 10.

There are currently 21 girls and 22 boys hoping to make it to the final 20. There is so much competition going on as all the candidates are promoting themselves and working hard by making posters and stickers to get the word out and hopefully get as many votes as possible. This week is critical for the people running because without the votes of the student body they have to rely solely on their interview. The student body is able to get involved in this event because they get to voice their opinion as to who they would like to win. The plus for the candidates is that there is a balance of both popularity and of personality shown during the interview.

What many people don’t realize is all the work that goes on behind the scenes of homecoming. The candidates as well as ASB put in many hours of work behind the scene to make it a successful event. The candidates spend hours making posters, buying candy and campaigning at school. ASB has been putting in tons of hours as well to make sure that the whole community is impacted and that the candidates, especially the winners, have a great experience and make lasting memories.

We were curious as to how the candidates felt about homecoming so we asked Victoria Alcantar and Noah Case some questions to find out their opinions and also thoughts on the event.

Alcantar described this event as, “Exciting because it is always exciting and reminds me of the bell game. The thought of making top 10 both stresses me out and does not because the senior class and our advisors, Ms. Marquez and Ms. Revelez, are counting on us, and me and my running mate don’t want to let them down.” She then followed up with how she initially felt about homecoming before she became a part of it. “Going into high school I thought only the popular kids made homecoming so I wasn’t planning on running but now I realize that isn’t the case.”

Talking to Case about this event we got his feelings on this topic. He stated, ¨I wanted to be nominated because I thought it would be a great addition to my senior year. I think I have a chance to make top 10 because I had a decent interview and I know quite a few people I think will vote for me. I’m not planning on stressing to much but I’m ready for the excitement of it.” Looking forward to this year Case stated, “I think I will have a great senior year even if I don’t win or make it to top 10, but that would definitely make it more memorable.”

Homecoming is an eventful and memorable time for many seniors. It’s a one time type of event, and won’t come twice to the 2017-2018 class of seniors. Good luck to all the candidates participating and hope everyone has a grand time! Let’s make more memories mustangs!

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