Healthy Competition?

Competition: it’s everywhere.

Whether it’s in school, between you and your friends, or even at home, competition plays a major role in daily life. The pressures of competition can sometimes seem unbearable and even stressful at times but you have to keep your head high and keep on going and just know things will work out.

In this video, we want to share some advice we think might help you guys out with your struggles with competition. Though sometimes it might seem as though we’re not qualified to hand out such advice, we feel as though we can really give some insight on this topic as we have both experienced the struggles of competition many times.

This is another long one so buckle up and hopefully you can take something from this video to help cope with the stresses of competition as well as understanding that competition doesn’t define who you are as a person.

Thank you again for taking the time to watch this video and make sure to ask us more questions and tune in next week!

– Meg & Mad


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