Wonders of Reading

 Wonders of Reading 

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza



Throughout time, books, mainly fiction, have less and less readers as we age. Reading is a pleasurable pastime that allows everyone to travel beyond. Every day, whether it be school or just simply staying at home, there is one single question that never seems to disappear. I get asked, “Why do you read so much?” or simply “Why do you like reading books so much?” There will always be an answer to that no matter how many times it can annoy me. It is just something that is so different to many pastimes and hobbies. It’s just something I love to do. The love of reading is being forgotten within the hearts of the young as they grow. Time has made changes.


Running Wild

So one can ask themselves, “What is there to love about books and reading?” Well there are many, but in all honesty, sometimes the answers can be jumbled. Reading books that are completely fiction can have different types of genres within that one category. Fantasy, for instance, to me is everything. A book based off of fantasy, magic, and something just completely out of this world is what makes it so special. Through picture books, one’s imagination runs wild but not with its own ideas. Pictures no longer come into play with novels and such, there’s an importance of imagination to be able to see and feel your own way and not be influenced by pictures in a book. The words written are meant to connect with you in some way even if it takes a while to do so. Even if they keep telling me or simply anyone that it is bad to have too much imagination. But what exactly qualifies it as too much within a book? Nothing does, because it’s all about those characters and descriptions of lands far away that may never be. It’s a movie really, only you have the power to imagine the characters and see these places that bring joy.


The Escape Process

Books to me are a mean of escape and can be one of the top reasons why so many people read them. They create a world that may share one’s own problems and any reader who can establish that connection with the book. It is a way to travel through time and space, to be in a place never before discovered within your mind. One time I asked some of my classmates, “Why did you stop reading? Why don’t you like it?” I have been given the response, “It’s boring.”  There then is a problem. They are no longer allowing their mind to travel and their curiosity to ignite and roam free. Reading a book grants the ability to return to the olden days, learn the ways, and simply enjoying a beautiful set of places and characters.



Hearing that someone hates reading really breaks a bit of my heart. Reading is everything and it is a part of me. People who read as much as I do have probably been called nerds or book worms, possibly even simply being placed in that category for liking a book. Though the word can seem and sound painful, the real pain can be inflicted on the non- “nerds.” They are not given the opportunity to believe in something out of the norm and communicate with others that have been reading. Reading is a prize, a treasure, a gift and power to the heart and mind. It is fascinating and it’s something I would never give up.


True Meaning   

Growing up reading has been  and will be lost to many. The satisfaction, happiness, excitement, anticipation, fear  and sadness will mean nothing to one who has no longer taking the time to once in awhile read a good book. Books are a place of love mixed with so many feelings that make a book what it truly is. It is an inspiration, a place of dreams, and a place of hope. Within a book, written on its pages are words that make a difference, and can change ones world for the better. Books and reading, even writing are a lost cause to so many, but to those select few that connect with a story, I answer with what I answer every question about my love for reading, “Read on and bring life to the words.” Reading is everything, and too much imagination is not always a bad thing within books.

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