Top 10 crazy national days

by Savannah Sousa & Kendall Hadfield

Have you ever shown up one day to your place of obligation and the people around you are chatting about how it’s national something day or you’re scrolling through Instagram and it’s full of pictures with all the same theme and hashtag because of some national day. There are two types of people: those who support and go all in on these national days and those who could care less. For me it depends on what the day is and what cause it is for. Some national days are just plain stupid and pointless for example:

  1. National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day- February 11th
  2. National Cook a Sweet Potato Day-February 22nd
  3. National Put a pillow in your fridge day- May 29
  4. National pencil day-March 30th
  5. National talk like a pirate day- September 19th
  6. National felt hat day- September 15th
  7. National crush a can day- September 27th
  8. National name your car day- October 2nd
  9. National Moldy cheese day- October 9th
  10. National brush day- November 1st

Besides these crazy national days, there are some meaningful ones that you should be aware of.

National random acts of kindness day-February 17th

National Read Across America Day-March 2nd

International Women’s Day- March 8th

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day- January 11th

National religious freedom day- January 16th

and many others

here’s a link to view all the national days:

Whatever day you are celebrating, if it’s something you are passionate about, take the day to honor whatever it is and have fun with it!

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