Overcoming Redwood!

Get ready Mustangs! This Friday is the day…the day our football boys face Redwood once again! This game means a lot to our football team, students, and staff. There is much nervousness, tension, and excitement! It has been since 1984, since the Tulare Western Mustang football team has achieved a win against Redwood. This losing streak is devastating and encourages the players to want to play harder than they have against the Redwood Rangers. Many of our returning senior players have experienced the hardship of losing against Redwood. There are also a few lower classmen that are pumped to try their best to contribute to the team by playing their hardest.

We gathered a few thoughts from the players about how they feel about the upcoming Redwood game.

The question we inquired to the returning players was:
We haven’t won a game in 33 years against Redwood, how does that make you want to do well on Friday?

Keshon Butler, junior, said, “It’s a lot of motivation to be able to beat teams we haven’t been able to in the past so now we are hoping to be able to. A lot of pressure and a lot of pride on the line.”

Rene Gonzalez, senior, said, “ The pressure gets in the head. Rocha has been playing music for us from that time period to get us to realize how long ago that was kinda makes me motivated to win.¨

Ira Porchia, senior, said, ¨It pushes me to want to work hard, play harder, and want to win because we should’ve won last year.¨

Julian Trevino, senior, said, ¨I’m excited to play them this year because I was hurt last year. I’m also excited because during passing league, we got in a fight with them so I’m waiting to see what happens between them.¨

Sam Sanchez, senior, said, ¨I feel excited to play them because I think we could beat the losing streak. They have been talking a lot of crap to us so I’m ready to show them who we are on the field.¨

The question we asked some of the new varsity players was:
What are your feeling about playing on a 2-0 team going into a heated game against Redwood?

Joseph Alcantar, sophomore, said, ¨33 years is a long time to lose to a team. We are ready for the game because the last two games we have played weren’t very good so we are ready for a good game.¨

Andrew Davis, junior, said, ¨I’m kinda nervous because even though we’re 2-0, the last 2 teams we played aren’t even playoff contenders and Redwood is so we’re going to have to come out hard.¨

The game will be held at Redwood on September 15th, at 7:30 pm. Make sure to come out in your Western gear to support our boys in their attempt to overcome Redwood! Even though it’s an away game, don’t be afraid to come out and support our football boys!

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