Meg & Mad’s Take: STRESS

Everyone stresses, there’s no doubt about it. The fast-paced and demanding schedule of a high school student only amplifies these feelings. Not only do we have to worry about classes, exams, sports, and school-related activities, but we are also in the years of our lives where we are developing our own sense of individuality and have personal issues to deal with. They say High School flies by, and they’re right – so we gave some advice on how to make these years less stressful.

Everything in this video is coming straight from personal experience, so we really hope it helps some of you deal with whatever it is you have going on! We hope you enjoy this video (you might want to grab some snacks and get comfortable – it’s a long one)  and we can’t wait to get more questions from you all!

Stay cool and don’t stress the small stuff

-Meg & Mad

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