Frosh Sports Night

By: Sierra Levy, Kendall Hadfield, and Elizabeth Salazar

Frosh Sports Night
9/8/17 8-10pm!


Freshman, it’s time to get involved!  This Friday night is Frosh Sports Night.  This is a night made just for freshmen ONLY!  This is a chance for freshmen to come and take a chance to start getting involved with high school.  The gym is available for ALL sports and more such as: volleyball, basketball, soccer, dodgeball, four square, corn hole, gaming systems, activities, music, and dancing!  There will also be food provided such as tacos, snow cones, and many more snacks.  This is a bonding time for freshmen to get to know each other and feel more comfortable around their school campus.  We encourage you to come out, bring all your friends, and get ready to have a great time!

We interviewed some sophomores who went to Frosh Sports Night last year and asked them: how did your experience at Frosh Sports Night affect your high school experience? We asked the sophomores this question so that freshmen can get a better perspective to how frosh night is influential.

Briana Alvarado, sophomore, said, ¨I found Frosh Sports Night very fun, it helped me meet new people and get out of my comfort zone.¨

Nathan Marroquin, sophomore, said, ¨That night was like an ice breaker after the dance. It was an icebreaker that was just for freshman so we could all  get to know each other.¨

Jordan Burrell, sophomore,  said, ¨I got a chance to meet new people and get to know my team from frosh 8 week better because I didn’t know any of them.¨

Sarah Salazar, sophomore, said, ¨It was a way for me to actually get involved in school and do something out of my comfort zone.¨

We then went around and asked current freshman: why are you looking forward to Frosh Sports Night? This question was asked to see how excited the freshmen were and to see what they were looking forward to.

JD Lambert, freshman,  said, ¨I am mainly looking forward to the sports so I can show off my skills.¨

Jonah Alonzo, freshman,  said, ¨I’m looking forward to being able to hang out with my friends and meet new people, have fun, and show my school spirit!¨

Stephanie Rubalcava, freshman, said, ¨I’m looking forward to playing soccer with new people that are the same grade as me.¨

Korbin Medina, freshman, said, ¨I am looking forward to the basketball at Frosh Sports Night because it is going to be lit.¨

Freshmen, get excited because this week is all for you!  Make sure to check out all the activities this week happening down palm lane for all of  freshmen class.  Come dressed in athletic clothes and remember it’s $3 with an ASB sticker and $5 without! Don’t stay home and regret it, come out and enjoy this one time opportunity! It’s good to get out of your comfort zone and make new friends! Can’t wait to see you all there!  Remember even if you aren’t a sports person, there is an activity for everyone, come get involved!


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