Crystallized Souls

Crystallized Souls

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza


Part 1:

       “You need to find her and bring her back. You will never be saved until the day she is returned and seated upon this throne. It is your fate, for hers has been melded with yours since the day she was born. Live or die, I do not care. It is now up to you.”

        I bowed and hid my expression from her satisfied smirk. She wanted to hurt me, but she is right and I really hate that. If I failed she would gladly throw it back in my face as I took my final breath. I moved my knuckles away from my lips and looked up into her vicious, cold calculating eyes. She nodded once and I briskly walked out. I could no longer tolerate her stupid smirk.

        How am I going to bring her back? It has been so  long, she’s what? She’s probably eighteen, twenty at most? I was ten the last time we saw each other, time runs a little different here. And even if I did find her, she probably wouldn’t forgive me.

        I mean, I wouldn’t forgive me either. I was a complete ass, well I still can be. It was totally unexpected at that time because I had to leave and Selene wouldn’t have understood. It was either hurt her and tell her lies to keep her safe, or still maybe hurt her, tell her the truth and possibly unleash an impending doom or darkness on all dimensions because I told her before time.

       They forced me to tell her that I didn’t like her, that I never liked her. To tell her that I hated her and never wanted to be her friend again because she was stupid and worth absolutely nothing. What kind of person does that? Ok obviously I did, but I felt horrible and fell into a deep depression that nearly cost me my life. I can’t even imagine how she must have felt.

       That same day that I left, so did her mother. There were also those two idiot guys who never stopped making fun of her and nearly drove her to the point of madness. It was the worst day of her life.I know that Evelyn hated leaving her daughter Selene but she left because she was forced by the same person that forced me.

        “Queen.” Yes, “Queen” Ionae, the cruelest closest thing that you’ll find to a witch threatened us if we continued to stay around Selene. Gosh I’d be dead if Ionae could hear what I am thinking. She wanted to test her by seeing how well she would fare when the world literally stood against her. She suffered so many hardships and from watching over her I can say that I do not like the way that she first coped with it. It was horrible to watch and not be able to step through and stop her. I was not even allowed to communicate through dreams.

      Ionae wanted to test her mental capacity and resistance to see her seated on that throne. To test her in a way that does not make sense, I just don’t know why exactly. Something changed her mind. It’s a miracle really because she’s as stubborn as a mule. At one point she killed anyone who dared challenge her position.

       I will never be able to get rid of her. Do you want to know why? It’s because that witch is my mother. I am bound to her and because of that, I have to do everything she says or feel excruciating pain that can possibly lead to my death until the task is complete.

        It’s unpleasant to think about because I have done so many things that I am not proud of. She was a woman who was once as sweet as sugar. And now? She is a woman scorned with a heart full of malice and a soul that no longer feels warmth. Her eyes hold no life, they are as frozen as her heart. I don’t even understand why she had me.

       I felt something tackle me from behind and jump onto my back. Okay on first instinct I do some drastic things when I can’t see my attackers and it’s all because of Ionae. I grabbed whoever it was that was on my back and threw them over my head to smash against the hard ground. I looked at who it was and caught him before he was at least three inches away from hitting the ground.

    His mom would have killed me! Dang it. I can’t even get mad at him because he’s that adorable. What person couldn’t love a happy carefree 5-year-old? I could feel the joy behind his squeal as I turned him upright and it lifted the weight that Ionae’s glare had left me with.

“Hey bud, how’s it going?”

       “It’s going great! Can you do that again? It was so fun!” Ha, never again.

       “Sorry Xander. Maybe some other day.” His smile dimmed, but it came back fully when I manifested his spirit friend or companion. It’s kind of a for life thing so I like to show him his. I guess you can say that this is our form of pets.

        “Ray look! Do you see him? Can he jump next to us?” With a flick of the wrist the little guy sort of gained a solid form and hopped next to us as we -I actually- made our way to the courtyard.

          You know, now that I think about it, this place is like a mix of Dracula’s winter castle from Van Helsing and the elven realm from Lord of the Rings. Yes I have watched the movies and let me tell you that I loved them. I watched them alongside Selene when we were younger, and friends.

          My world here is not much different from that of the human realm. The only difference would be is that we are not as attached to technology as they can be there.

         We don’t use cars or have phones. It can be difficult at times, but I like it this way. Like this we can be closer to nature and not other things.

            “Ray!” I looked down at his soft eyes and I smiled.

“Yeah bud?”

“Can you take me swimming? Please?”

Oh. So he’s going to use that face. He knows how to get me. He has that hurt puppy look that makes me want to do anything for him.

“I don’t know Xander. You have to ask your mother.” He frowned and looked away for a second.

          “Fine. I’ll be back!”

          I waved as he ran in the direction of his mother. I continued to walk and reached the beautiful bridge that seemed to be centered in between a magnificent pair of waterfalls. I can see everything from here, including the portal that takes me wherever I must go under Ionae’s order. It’s one of the two portals that can take me to Selene.

          I want to say that it has been difficult living in this beautiful prison. But this is when it makes me think that I am being an ungrateful brat…which I can agree to. Evelyn hasn’t stop giving me a look of mixed anger and sadness since she last saw Selene. I understand why, but she is not the only one that lost Selene that day! I was a damn kid too! I don’t even know if I want to tell her that I will be bringing Selene back here soon. It would most likely break both of their hearts.

      I could feel my tense shoulders somewhat relax by watching the falling water. This scene is a masterpiece in all its natural beauty. Over the roaring of the water I could hear a shout.

              “Ray!” There it is again.I turned in the direction that it came from and I saw Xander waving his arms like crazy until he crashed into me. I let out a chuckle and spun him in the air a bit.

             “What has got you so excited bud?” He let out a squeal that beat the roaring water that has me flinching.

              “She said yes! You can take me swimming!”

              “That’s great bud.” He nodded and immediately threw his shirt on the floor. I followed suit and stopped at my pants. They’ll change as soon as I hit the water.

A jump from this height, which is way high, would kill any human. It’s a good thing that we are different.

             “Catch me Ray!” With that, he flung himself over the bridge into the crystal blue water. I took a deep breath before jumping in after him, catching him in my arms. I love his delighted shouts of joy as we made our way into the water, with the wind in our hair and our spirits rejoicing.

It is moments like these that I wouldn’t change for the world. The only thing missing to make this complete, is having Selene here with me.

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