Tales of the Met


Tales of the Met

By: Aglaheth Zaragoza

Having the sound of the metronome stuck in your head, for what seems like forever, is just great. Right?

Wrong! I was being sarcastic. You could probably tolerate the endless beeps if the volume was turned down. Then again, probably not.

Here’s the thing about the met, it is a device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick.

It is essentially a band kid’s best friend for a couple of weeks. The only thing you hear is, beep.beep,beep. It can get pretty irritating, but I do have to admit that it was my best friend for a while.

This thing really helps you keep in time and I mean really helps you.  It´s great when you need it most.

It starts and you stand there for a couple of seconds listening to the timed beeps, learning it, remembering it as you literally brand it to your soul.

Everything else just disappears when you start repeating that same sound in your head. You focus and concentrate on how fast those beeps are going, waiting for the moment that you can let your fingers fly to the beat of the met.

It’s different and exciting. There is just so much concentration in keeping time that the next thing you know, you’re marching to the beat of a song in the supermarket or your accidentally on step with the person next to you or in front of you.

You could possibly even count the number of times that the car´s turn signals line up and blink together. This is  something that really does indeed happen.

Those blinks collide with the beeps that you cannot get rid of and you become annoyed with that contraption ever since you memorized it’s sound. Sometimes the light will turn green and the blinkers may have only matched up once in the time that you were waiting.

It can be strange to link everything back to that sound, but it can seem to make your day slightly fun.

Once you get the sound stuck, that is when you start to sing the rhythm or the counts given. Everything finally makes sense. You finally understand where your feet must be when it beeps, and where your feet must be in between the counts.

As the season continues and comes to an end, you miss it. There is no longer a metronome there to keep your counts together. It´s no longer there to help you or irritate you. It´s gone and with it goes the sound that could have possibly made you smile or was the base of silly jokes.

It is a given that with the metronome you will definitely have that love/hate relationship that people tend talk about. This is inevitable and it is just filled with a never-ending humor because it´s true. There is no way around this. None.

When that sound is silenced there will be many who admit that they want to hear it again, to make it feel like old times. Those who have just entered marching band get used to it, and those in their final year to participate in listening to the met will always remember it.

With all honesty, the metronome is even better when they play the siren. A rare occasion but funny all together.

Laughs echo and you joke around with your friends when you start nodding your head to the rhythm and get that slightly glazed look in your eyes when a thought takes you far away.

In that moment you became a part of something more, a thing that everyone knows and learns. Everyone becomes one with that sound. Everyone nodding, tapping their feet, or whispering their counts, it is something that cannot be taken away. 

It is a sound not easily forgotten.

When asked, ´What do you think of the metronome?´Kimberly Duran,  junior, said, ¨I think it is a very loud ticking machine that hurts your ears, but it is a machine that  helps us stay in time. I would not miss it because that would mean we are improving, and we are getting further along in our music which is one of the most amazing feelings. But this is also a sad feeling because it means our season is almost coming to an end.¨ 

There is sadness and annoyance but one thing that is indeed forgotten when you think of the met, Patrick Alvidrez, Director of the Mustang Band, said, ¨It´s the truth.¨

This in itself is what the met does. It relays a cold hard truth that allows you to understand what to fix and understand that you can be wrong but you can always make it better. There is no denying the help of a met. This is what it does, that is what you will not forget.

The metronome never lies. Ever.







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