Hydro Flasks vs. YETI

by: Savannah Sousa

Hydro Flasks are known for their magical powers that keep your water and ice cold for 24 hours or your tea and coffee piping hot for 6 hours. Hydro flasks have blown up in popularity and even surpassed the famous brand Yeti. Yeti also seems to have magical powers that keeps your beverage cold but when perusing the website, I could not find the facts. Hmmm interesting, right? Keep reading while I breakdown both brands and determine which is the best.

So, to be totally transparent, I must tell you I have used a Hydro Flask every day for the past 4 months and have loved every second. Some of my friends also use Hydro Flasks but some use Yetis and some just use plain old water bottles so I have seen every aspect of the water bottle spectrum. But it is not my opinion that matters, it’s the facts.

When I opened up the hydro flask website, I was bombarded with colorful water bottles of every style and urged to shop their new collections like bundles, wine, and the women’s surf league model.

When opening up the Yeti website, you are bombarded with a manly camping feel and urged to buy coolers and t-shirts and hats. Most of the products are stainless steel or camouflage.

They both claim to have a 18/8 double wall vacuum insulated product. Hydro flask has a trademark on Temp shield technology that claims to “make the lightest weight bottles in the insulated hydration category.”

The typical 32 oz wide mouth Hydro Flask will run you about $39.95.

The typical 30 oz YETI Tumbler will run you about $34.99.

There are all different type models of both brands to compensate all types of people’s needs.

But these are the two models I tested out myself.

My experiment started the night before when I put the same amount of water and the same amount of ice in both cups. In the morning I woke up and inspected the water. Both of the cups did not have ice anymore so I proceed to taste each of the cups and I thought the water in the Hydro Flask was colder.

I did not want to be bias so at school I had 5 people taste the water and determine which was colder. Out of the 5 people, 3 thought the Hydro Flask was colder and 2 thought the Yeti was colder.

Usually I carry around my Hydro Flask but to test out the functionality of the YETI I carried it around all day instead of my Hydro Flask. The benefits of the YETI for me was the accessibility. I could take a sip at any time without having to screw off the lid. Hydro Flask does have an option to buy a lid like this but it costs an extra $10.

So, to sum up my findings, if you want a special color, good grip, and comfortable transportation, Hydro Flask is the way to go.

If you want a classic, durable, and comfortable cup YETI, is the way to go.

This article has helped me in my endeavor to find the best water bottle and now I am thinking about buying a better lid for my hydro flask. I hope it did the same for you and good luck on your hydration journey.




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