Friday Night Lights

By: Sierra Levy, Kendall Hadfield, and Elizabeth Salazar

Are you ready for Friday night lights? Coming soon on August 25th, @ 7 p.m.

Senior year is the last year to create memories. As the year begins, everyone looks forward to the first football game. Not only are the players looking forward to kick off the year, the staff and students are pumped up for this night! The whole school is ready to show some school spirit by supporting our Mustang boys! This year, the football team is hoping to go beyond to achieve more than they achieved last year in the 2016-2017 season where they had a record of 9-4-0.

As the season begins, we asked some of the senior boys a series of questions: The first question was, what are the players looking forward to this season?  

David Alcantar, senior, said, “I’m looking forward to bonding time with the boys and playing under the Friday night lights.”

“I’m looking forward to going back to Valley this year and actually winning it. And do the best I can in my position,” senior Jonathan Harman.

We also asked what goals they had for themselves or for the team.

Senior, Ryan Tucker said,”My senior goals for the year are to make the playoffs, get to the Valley Championship, and go undefeated in league.”

Sam Sanchez, senior, said “My goal is to bring back the bell, win Valley, and do everything we didn’t finish last year.”

Ezra Emrich, senior added, “My team goal is to win the bell game, EYL, Valley, and State.  My individual goal is to make sure the quarterback doesn’t get sacked and my boy David Alcantar gets lots of touchdowns”

Cameron Hanes said, “Try to win Valley, get through the whole season without injuries, and be undefeated”  

Last we asked how they were going to contribute to the team.

Rigo Lopez, senior, said “My motto for this year is also the team motto, ‘Count on us’. That is how I want my football team to depend on me. It’s by using the motto and letting my team count on me and by doing my job.”

Not only do student athletes get to create memories but so do all the students attending Tulare Western. Football games are a great way to have fun and create awesome memories. What makes football season even more exciting is the fog machines, wild cheers, confetti poppers, paint, & the music that pumps everyone up! Students get excited about dressing all out in red, white, and blue and in the craziest outfits they can come up with. Some students wear crazy hats, some paint their whole face, and some even cover their legs with paint. Don’t forget the amazing decorations that cover the stadium and the Mustang flag runners that go back and forth for every touchdown!  All students, staff, and parents have a great time to share this experience together.  The roaring crowds are going crazy.  The vibe of the stadium is full of nothing but complete energy and liveliness.  You can hear the crowd from miles away.

We asked a few seniors from the class of 2017-2018 a series of questions:

The first question that was asked was, what makes you excited about football season?

Victoria Martin, senior, said, “I’m excited but also really sad. I feel like it’s going to be really good.”

The second question we asked was, how are you going to show school spirit?

Tatyanna Allen, senior, said, “I’m going to show school spirit by pumping up the student section and it’s going to be a big year for us so I’m going to go all out because we’re all in.”

Arianna Sisneros, senior, said, “I’m looking forward to enjoying the game with your friends, Friday nights, and going to Denny’s after the game!”

The last question we asked was, how do you feel about your last first football game?

Madison McCarthy, ASB president, senior, said, “My last first football game is bittersweet because I still remember my first football game as a freshman, and I was so shy and quiet. Now I’m asb president and surrounded by all my friends.  My last chance to be spirited and experience one last time.”

Vange Alonzo, senior, said, “I’m really sad because I won’t be able to experience the whole high school football season again.”

Seniors, Anthony Sousa and Matthew Covert, said, “We are fans of football and everything, we just don’t like to play. We are hyped to watch the season because we think they’re going to be pretty good. They are sleeping on our team this year, but just wait! We are also looking forward to actually watching the games and not just cheering.”

This Friday is the first football game and it is all out RED! If you want to come out and support our Mustang boys, be at the opening game at Bob Mathias Stadium at 7:30 pm. If you are looking to get involved in school and want to experience the amazing Mustang pride our school has, be all in and come to the game with your face, legs and clothes all out red. Bring your friends and be ready to show off your school spirit! Let’s all have a good time and show your student pride!

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