Are backpacks too heavy?

By: Savannah Sousa

With the addition of Chromebooks, one would think textbooks would have been done away with, but I’m here to find out the real truth. I have interviewed all different types of students in order to come to an unbiased conclusion.

Read on to find out if Tulare Western’s students are carrying too much weight.

My first task was interviewing students that are taking Honors or AP courses. Naturally one would think the more difficult the class, the more materials a student would have to carry. But this is not always the case.

I interviewed about 5 seniors who were taking AP courses and I found that only the AP Government and Statistics classes required their students to carry their textbooks and, even then, only sometimes.

However every student was required to carry their Chromebooks. One student, William Huffaker, senior, mentioned even his Calculus textbook was accessible on his Chromebook.

As for the other classes, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, they said the same thing. None of their teachers required them to carry their textbooks, but some did require them to carry a small binder or notebook.

So, have Chromebooks lifted weight off student’s shoulders now that most students aren’t carrying any textbooks?

The average weight of a Chromebook is 1 pound and according to a Californian high school study, the average weight of a physics textbook is 4.8 pounds.” (

Overall, students are carrying less weight this year, compared to last year, with the help of our new Chromebooks. Woohoo!

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