Will & Grace Back for Another Run

by Kennedy Oliver

The beloved NBC show Will & Grace aired for eight seasons from 1998-2006 and  after being off the air for about ten years, it’s making a comeback this fall on NBC with the original cast.

It’s run struck a chord with viewers and was one of the first prime time shows to star gay principal characters.  The show revolved around four friends: Will Truman played by actor Eric McCormack, Grace Adler portrayed by Debra Messing, Karen Walker played by Megan Mullally, and Jack McFarland by Sean Hayes.

will and grace

It’s title reflects the two focused characters: Will who is a lawyer is gay and his best friend Grace who’s straight and an interior designer. Together they have to designate their  professional lives and personal lives in the bustling city with crazy friends Jack and Karen along for the ride.

When it first aired back in the late 90’s some critics were skeptical of how long it will last. Some compared it to hit NBC show at the time Seinfeld while other were worried over the performance due to the cancellation of Ellen the sitcom starring Ellen Degeneres which featured a prominent gay storyline in the later seasons of the show.

However, despite worries, the show had high ratings and became pop culture classic. Will & Grace related to a group of individuals who at that time were misrepresented and/or underrepresented. Especially with the switch of the new millennia, the show helped people be more open to others’ preferences and differences.

I asked a few people who were fans questions about the reboot.

I asked Mrs. Ruiz how she felt about the reboot and at first she didn’t know about it but once informed:

“I’m excited to see how the characters will develop. It makes you want to go back and watch the old seasons.”

Now the same question to Mrs. Leoni.

“I’m excited and can’t wait to see how it turns out. I’ve seen promos and proud to say it seems promising.”

In the same breath I ask how she feels about reboots as a whole.

“I think they’re great and as an older person, these shows market to the older generation who related to these characters. Plus  it’s nostalgic to watch them all over again even though it’s becoming a fad in the entertainment industry, it’s a good one.”

Reboots are becoming an occurrence in the  entertainment industry ranging from television to  movies. In the fall on ABC, Roseanne is being brought back. Making it a rival against Will & Grace.

However, it’s still early to tell but it seems that most are anticipating these great revivals. If you’d like to watch the original series of Will & Grace you can check several streaming services.

Here’s a link to the trailer.

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