AP Testing Season

By: Kennedy Oliver

Advance Placement courses are some of the most difficult, yet rewarding classes a student could ever take in high school. Juniors and seniors are all too well associated with the classics such as English Lit, U.S. History,  Spanish Language, Biology, etc…the list goes on.

May is usually recognized as AP Testing season by upperclassmen. Testing has been in full swing. Many students, including myself, are were dreading when the days came. So I asked a few students about their opinions on the AP Course systems and how they felt taking their AP Exams

First I asked senior Emilia Hamilton why she decided to take AP classes?

“They’re more in depth when it comes to material of a specific subject, plus the college credit gained if you  pass the exam.”

Then I asked junior Cambria Harrington if she felt like AP course truly prep students for college?

“Honestly I feel like in terms of workload and concepts, it’s equivalent to college, however it feels as if teachers at times cram too much in too little time.”

We asked another senior Paul Flora how he prepares for these tests and how many he was taking this year?

“I’m taking three this year: AP English Literature, AP Statistics, and AP Economics and honestly Albert.io, Quizlet, and regular flash cards were my routines to study each of my subjects.”

Lastly we got senior Matthew Schoenau to give his advice on anyone debating if they should take AP classes next year?

“In my opinion,  AP classes was always the choice because it’s better learning opportunities, it’s a fun environment, and college credit saves me money for when I attend college next year.”

All of these students voiced great opinions about the AP system. One fun thing about AP courses is being in on the same outside jokes with not only your class but others around the country.

Yes, I’m talking about memes and tweets created that students including myself crave to see once their test is over. Even though it’s explicitly explained that it’s prohibited to discuss test material and if so, your test can be invalidated, a few brave souls still do so over social media. It’s almost a secret pleasure.

Here are a few favorites:





There are countless others on twitter. Some scores were invalidated but that was their risk. Many spend hours laughing and relating to what other students come up with as we all relish in our misery after taking such test.  All in all once the scores are released in July, some are rejoicing that the pain they suffered paid off or others are frustrated feeling their time has been wasted.

However, that’s not true because it may not be now but what we learn always circles back when we need it the most. Thank you college board.

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