Pool Party Essentials: What to pack in your bag.

It’s that time of the year again for the Tulare Western pool party where there will be games, swimming, food, and more! Come out this Friday 5/19/17 at 7:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m to enjoy the best time of the year. You are probably stressing what to pack for the pool party, but don’t worry, I made a list of things that are a MUST when attending a pool party.

1.) Sunglasses 

Sunglasses are a must, especially when the sun is going to be out, you definitely don’t want to be squinting the whole day trying to see. Sunglasses will not only be a life safer but also a cute fashion statement.

Women's "Chella" Round Sunglasses

2.) A towel

Don’t forget to bring your towels! Yes it’s very obvious to bring a towel, but it’s something that a lot of people forget. You definitely don’t want to be that person who is soaking wet because you forgot a towel. And not only will you be dry, you’ll also get to show off your really cute towel!

Cute beach towels

3.) Sunscreen

Now this is something that is a MUST MUST MUST. Burning is not fun. Protect that skin ladies and gentlemen! Did you know your skin can be harmed by constant sun exposure, whether or not you see a burn, sunscreen can also prevent skin cancer. Please bring sunscreen!

Je voudrais renoncer à rien dans mon passé à sucer la bite

4.) Water & Snacks

There will be water and lots of food at the pool party so don’t worry about bringing any, this is just a reminder to DRINK WATER! Drinking water is the most important thing to do when you are out in the sun for hours. Also don’t forget to give your body some food. Sometimes when we are enjoying fun things, we tend to forget to give our bodies what they need.

Water Indigo Crossing More

5.) Extra Clothes 

Sometimes we always question why parents bring extra things, but they always come in clutch when something happens to our clothes. Now you understand right? Same here, bring extra clothes just to be on the safe side. And I’m saying to bring a huge suitcase with lots of clothes. Just one more shirt and shorts and you’re good to go!

curly natural hair dark skinned beauty @kindeaux

6.) Perfume/Deodorant/Lotion

When getting out of the pool, it’s exactly like getting out of the shower, you put lotion, deodorant, and perfume. And you definitely want to be the person who smells good the rest of the night, so make sure you pack that in your bag.

Passion struck Victoria secret passion struck fragance mist 250 ml and fragance lotion 236 ml Victoria's Secret Makeup

7.) Hair stuff: hair ties, hairspray, hairbrush.

Ladies when it comes to hair, getting it tangled and having it dry is something you don’t want to handle with when at a pool party. Bring whatever hair products you need and you’ll thank me later that I reminded you 🙂

Hask Argan Oil and Keratin Protein Smoothing Haircare Collection Review via @BeautyTidbits #haircare

8.) Sandals 

The worst thing will have to be having bare feet on hot concrete. Bring sandals! Not only will your feet will be burning from hitting the concrete, you might end up with blizzard burns. So instead of having ugly burns on your feet, you can bring your very own cute pair of sandals to show off.

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9.) Goggles

For the people who tend to open their eyes in the pool this is perfect for you. Instead of getting out of the pool red eye from the chlorine, you can protect those eyes and pack your goggles.

10 Best Swimming Goggles Review 2014 | Triathlonomatic

10.) Sun hats

This something that you must have because not only they really cute they actually do justice when trying to hide from the sun. This is probably one of my favorite essentials because sun hats are so darn cute!

◖ b o h o ◗ fashion style beauty blogging ootd dress glam fashionable beauty hair makeup stylin black and white stylin potd potw wander minimalist classy boho jewels jewelry accessories shoes bags and purses fabulous modern trend outfit wear who what street style free boho wander elegant elegance luxe tousled neutrals

11.) Money

You definitely don’t want to forget money so then you are able to buy some bomb tacos and drinks. And make sure you put your money somewhere safe in your bag.

Image result for money

Now it’s time for you to put all of those things into your cute bag, and have fun at the Tulare Western Pool Party this Friday. Don’t forget to get your tickets! And if you get a ticket with a key on it, you will help give points to one of the teams for Western week.

by Liv & Ashleigh

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