Senior Highlights

By: Sarah Wilbur

I believe that the goal of all Tulare Western High School staff members is to prepare each and every one of their students for a successful future. This “future” begins now as final decisions are beginning to be put into place for many current seniors. Around this time is when many of us are finalizing our next steps into the real world after leaving Mustang Country!

To recognize these decisions being made by current seniors, I have created a stream of seniors to highlight where their path will lead them in the near future.

Megan Muller, senior. Megan will be attending Fresno State University in hopes of becoming a teacher! She will be majoring in Liberal Studies.

Brendon Gonzales, senior. Brendon will be attending CSU Long Beach. He has decided to major in Communications in order to keep a general direction of his options for the future. Although he is not definite of what field he’d like to go into, he will definitely stay focused on overcoming all that comes his way.

Joshua Portillo, senior. Josh has committed to Mayville State University in North Dakota to play football as a wide receiver. He hopes to become a PE teacher and possibly a High School football coach in the future.

As the school year comes to a close, take time to not only share the careers out there in the world but the paths it takes to get there. These Mustangs are fine examples of how our teaching staff poors into all TW students in order to take them to their maximum potential. 


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