Ten Last Minute Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day


By: Cindy Pasillas

Sunday, May 14th was the day to thank your beautiful and amazing mother for birthing you and putting up with you for all the years you’ve been alive. Because let’s face it, we make them put up with quite a bit.

In a perfect world you’d be super organized and would’ve done your Mother’s Day shopping ages ago, your gift would be nicely wrapped and ready to go for you mom, but that’s just not the reality for many students. Especially with how busy the past few weeks have been with AP testing and such. It’s definitely been hectic for all of us.

On top of having to worry about other things, shopping for mom can be a bit difficult.

Like what do our moms even like? I swear moms are some of the pickiest human beings on the planet but I mean even if our gift is terrible, they won’t tell us that because they’re too nice.

This year we should strive to get our moms something she’d actually enjoy. Even if we are short on time.

You’re probably stressing out now.

Fret not! Shopping for your moms last minute gift doesn’t have to be overly complicated or stressful. Here’s a list of some neat gift ideas for mom. Not just any gift ideas but gifts that are actually useful or just a bit out of the ordinary than the usual flowers, card, of stuffed animal. You’ll thank me later!

Personal pendant necklaces 

Jewelry is a very classic gift to give mom. Most mothers do enjoy receiving jewelry but instead of getting her the same lame heart shaped necklace with mom engraved in it every year why not get something a bit more personal.

How about getting you mom a necklace with your zodiac sign constellation on it. No matter if you’re an Aries TaurusGeminiCancerLeoVirgoLibraScorpioSagittariusCapricornAquarius, or Pisces , this Etsy shop has the perfect necklace for your mom. You can pick between a gold or silver necklace it’s a nice way of getting her a personal gift.

If you can’t order it online then you can just check Forever 21 or maybe Rue 21. They also carry necklaces with cute little constellations! If you’re not into the whole constellation trend, try to find something else your mom will like that still has some kind so sentimental or person value to it.




If your mom’s a foodie that enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, a great gift would obviously be a new cookbook. It’ll give her some new recipes to try out for your family so you’ll all win. Well maybe depending on how good of a chef your mom is of course.

There’s so many cookbooks to choose from that are written by chefs obviously, food bloggers, and even celebrities. There’s also books that are targeted towards a specific ethnic cuisine, diets or even busy moms so if your moms always on a time crunch maybe get her The Wellness Mama Cookbook. It has 200 easy recipes that aren’t super time consuming which is always a good thing seeing as moms are very busy people.


Adult coloring books

Moms know all about stress especially when they have teenagers because let’s face it, we are a handful. We’re also more than likely the #1 cause of our mother’s stress.

So how about we give her something to help her de-stress, something that’ll allow her to have a moment to herself. An adult coloring book is perfect for that just pair it with some color pencils, markers or any other coloring supply and you’ve got a pretty solid gift.

This #MomLife: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book is available on Amazon and it has tons of humorous pictures that are related to motherhood of course. If this book isn’t right for your mom there are tons and tons of other adult coloring books to choose from both online and in stores such as Target.

You really can’t go wrong with a gift to help undo the unnecessary stress you’ve caused your mother.


Skincare sets 

Another very thoughtful gift is skincare. Skincare is another good way to pamper your mom and to help her preserve her delicate skin. There’s tons of skin care on the market varying from really expensive to more affordable. So depending on your budget you can purchase some more luxurious skincare at Sephora or Ulta. If you’re on a budget Ulta does offer drugstore items you can also check out Walmart or Target, they usually have some pretty good products too.

Buying a set of skincare rather than individual products is probably better cost wise and it’s a good way for you mom to decide what she likes and what she doesn’t.

One of the wonderful sets Sephora offers is the Tasha Bestsellers Set. The set includes a 0.8oz Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, 0.35oz of Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, 0.34oz Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream, and an 0.4oz Luminious Dewy Skin Mist. That all sounds super fancy an confusing but basically the Camellia Cleasing Oil is a gentle makeup remover that’ll melt away even the toughest makeup to remove, waterproof makeup included. The Rice Enzyme Powder helps reduce fine lines, uneven skin, and exfoliates away dead skin leaving it ready for any other products. It also contains crushes pearls, rice bran, and papaya extracts so you know it’s fancy. The Rich Silk Cream is a very moisturizing cream that locks moisture in which is great for maturing skin. And finally the Skin Mist can be used to prep the skin before makeup or on top of foundation for a nice dewy finish.

All of the Tacha products are made without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates so you know they’re going to do wonders for your mom’s skin.


A monthly subscription box

Why not give a gift that’ll keep on giving? Signing your mom up for a subscription box is definitely not got ordinary gift. You can either have her receive one box or you can sign up for an annual subscription. If you aren’t familiar with subscription boxes it’s basically a box that’ll arrive at your house with random goodies picked specifically for you. There’s so many different box services to choose from.

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box and you can either pay $49.99 for one box with $200 worth of product or get an annual service of four boxes for $179.99. Inside this box you’ll find beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness products.

If your mom is into beauty products Birch Box is a good option. You can pay $10 a month of one box or $110 for a yearly subscription. Each box comes with five sample products that are specific to your needs and likes.

Steering away from beauty product boxes because maybe your mom doesn’t care about all that I guarantee she’ll like this box. Graze boxes are a good choice for moms that love snacking. For $12 a month they send you eight healthy properly portioned snacks. They have over 100 snacks that have no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, GM ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, and 0 trans fat. If you try something you really like you can purchase it of the website so that’s a plus.


Cute mugs  

Mugs are great. Whether your mother is a coffee or tea drinker mugs are a very practical gift to give.

Instead of giving them a boring Mother’s Day mug, maybe try to find something funny like this Dear Mom Mug which you can find on Amazon. If comedy isn’t your thing try to find a cute unique mug instead. Mugs are sold pretty much everywhere so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one that suits your mom best.


Bath bombs 

Back to relaxation mode. Bath bombs are not only super cute but these Bath Truffles are made with shea butter so they’ll help keep the skin moistured. You just toss one of the truffles into the water and it’ll begin to fizz and bubble. You mom can take a nice relaxing bath after a long stressful day.

Baths are such a nice way to unwind this just makes them a bit more fun and they already come packaged in a cute little window box. So need to worry about having to wrap the gift.


Perfume sampler set

Perfume is a good gift to give but a sample set of much better than one individual perfume. Again, like with the skincare set, it’ll give mom the chance to try all kinds of perfumes and with this Sephora Favorites Deluxe Perfume Sampler you mom will get to try more expensive perfumes.

You get nine deluxe size perfumes and a certificate to redeem a 1oz bottle of perfume of your choice.

Within this set you’ll find the following fragrances Atelier Cologne Clémentine California Cologne Absolute Pure Perfume, Chloé Chloé Eau De Parfum, DOLCE&GABBANA Light Blue, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Mini Rollerball, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Mini Rollerball, Gucci Bamboo Eau De Parfum, Stella McCarthy POP Eau De Parfum, TOCCA Giulietta Eau De Parfum Mini Rollerball, TOCCA Cleopatra Eau De Parfum Mini Rollerball, Viktor & rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum, and the certificate to redeem a 1oz bottle of perfume.

Maybe this set will help your mom discover her new favorite perfume. If this set isn’t something that seems right Sephora and other stores do offer more perfume sets.


Handbag or purse

This is one of the more obvious gifts to get but it’s also very practical seeing as most moms do carry a bag with them. You can buy a nice purse pretty much anywhere without breaking the bank. If you like this particular bag you can buy it on the Forever 21 website.

There isn’t much to say about this gift but just know your mom will probably get a lot of use out of it.

Set of makeup brushes 

I don’t know if everyone has the problem of their mother coming in and stealing their makeup brushes. It’s a bit chaotic because then you need a particular brush and you have to go searching for it in your moms things not anymore! There’s a solution to this predicament. If you buy your mom her own set of makeup brushes you won’t have to share anymore. Not that sharing is bad.

This E.L.F. Cosmetics Silver 11 Piece Brush Collection  is a nice set to gift to mom this Mother’s Day. They come with a really sleek water resistant case to store them in too so they won’t be misplaced or damaged.

The brush collection comes with an eyeshadow brush, a complexion brush, small angled brush, a blending brush, a fan brush, powder brush, small precision brush, a crease brush, a flawless concealer brush, blush brush, eyeshadow duo brush,  and the case to keep them in. That’s a such a broad range of brushes your mom will never need to borrow (steal) another one of your brushes ever again. Also since it comes with a bag it’ll be good for travel if you know your family does that a lot your mom can bring her brand new brushes on the go.


Shopping for your mom doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to this handy gift guide!

In all seriousness, if all else fails just make your mom a nice breakfast or take her out to dinner. Maybe even offer to do extra chores around the house so she can have a chill day. You can also get her a gift card to her favorite store and let her buy herself something nice.

Hope this is a lesson to not leave your Mother’s Day shopping till last minute! Next year you should plan ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling to get the most important woman in your life a nice gift.

Aside from the gifts, be sure to give your mom a great big hug and remind her how much you love her and how thankful you are to have her in your life.

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