The Generation of Social Media

Looking back at it, I wonder how my parents’ generation lived without social media, and went through the whole “to have fun you have to go outside and kick a ball.” Most people assume too much about our generation. That because of these Smart Devices, all we do is stay inside staring at a screen.

Although it is true, some people would stay in bed and watch Netflix, but like every teenager, too much of something can get boring. Eventually we will go and hang out like normal kids ‘back in the day’. Today, we post on the internet what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and with whom.

So far I have gone 9 days without a phone, and I have been able to function the same, except for the news and gossip around town. It gives me more of an opportunity to open my eyes and spend time with people and NOT be posting about it.

I used to post about 20 stories, my freshman and sophomore year on Snapchat, but now as I became a junior, I have calmed down. I came to ask myself, “How am I supposed to have fun if I’m trying to take a picture of everything?” The only time I post 10 or more is if I’m at some sort of event place I’ve never been to before or having a fun day like prom.

Now I see people post about 20-30 pictures DAILY, and that’s just of them at school, in class, then after school at home. Some find it annoying, others find it pleasing.

I’m not saying posting a lot is bad, it’s just when I went through my ‘posting a lot’ phase I always missed on a joke, or a moment, something that happened, making me wish I had put my phone down.

When a celebrity is spotted doing basically anything the paparazzi will sell it to the media, then the media would write about it as soon as possible, and post it on social media, because teenagers nowadays don’t want to have to look up a website, we just scroll through twitter and find something interesting.

The reason why the media wants to make up a story really quicknis to get people clicking and clicking, which for them is more money. Even if the story is false, people still read.

The media twists every single detail in a story. If Kylie Jenner is walking next to some guy, what do you assume, new boyfriend? Old friend? Ex? Anything to make a convincing story. The media’s job is to get the truth out. Yellow journalism is way to say fake news.

Ten years ago I never imagined my high school experience to be, if you want to know something about someone you have to go online and do research. Although I love my phone, I would never get rid of it, I don’t think anyone would. I myself do spend a lot of time on my phone, and even though being on your phone constantly could be a bad thing, it can actually bring some good in your life as well.

Smartphones can track your exercise, sleep, even your eating. It helps you stay fit and/or healthy. There’s even apps that post how much you run in how long on social media, to keep all your social media buddies informed. The smart phone and smart watch can do so much that someone living in the 90’s would’ve never imagined a watch could do.

How do people find news today, newspapers? Sure, but the most common way in 2017, is through your phone or watching TV. Most people look up to celebrities or internet famous people. They are our role models, their style then becomes ours, their interest then becomes ours. My aunt recently bought a piece of make up she’s never used before but because an Internet make up artist told his viewers to buy it.

Ever take a road trip and see a billboard? That’s called advertising right? Social media does all that too, it sells advertising to big corporations, like McDonald’s or Starbucks something to get the word out quickly because that’s how we advertise these days. Corporations pay internet famous celebs, like David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, Lele Pons, etc. to announce their product in their social media, or YouTube videos, anything that gets millions of views.

David Dobrik is living the ‘American Dream’ to make as much money with the least amount of work. His day job is to record his life, and post it YouTube. His ‘Vlogs’ (video blogs) make him enough money to afford his rent, vacations to Hawaii, Brazil, New York, he bought himself a Tesla Model X, that’s right a TESLA, all because of social media posting on YouTube. People found him interesting and funny enough to post him on Social Media, getting retweets and likes, making him more famous by the second.

He started on the social media app Vine, owned by Twitter. He first posted 6 second videos, and started his career from there.

Although social media is a pretty big deal, something better always comes along. One of the first major social media sites was MySpace, if you don’t know what Myspace is you’re too young. Then came along Facebook and in January of 2014 there was 1.23 billion active users monthly for 3 months, some of the apps teenagers use now in 2017, are Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram.

Could you imagine your life without social media?

“I wouldn’t say lonely but I would probably say.. left out, if I was the only one without social media,” said Rebecca Arriola.

“Like I think I would feel better because I would be on my phone less, and more focused on school, work, and family,” said Delainey Miranda

“No, Because no,” said Josee Garcia

“My life revolves around social media, so I can’t really live without social media, I’d die,” said Mario Garcia

Mainly teenagers can’t imagine how their lives would be, our parents generation lived through it and survived. So could we survive if the internet died?



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