Buff Volleyball 2017

by: Kennedy Oliver & Shania Burrell

The school year is dwindling down, so what’s a better way to end that week than Beach Week with beach volleyball at lunch. It features for the first time ever a new event, Buff Ball!

Buff Volleyball is a new event to grace Tulare Western’s campus which has the men out on the court while various ladies coach the fellows for the games that night. Our school and our opponents in our league in terms of sports lack Men’s Volleyball teams so this is a nice option for the boys to play a sport they can’t participate in.

The hype has been buzzing around campus the whole week, bringing attention to the  multiple teams to participate that range from each grade level.  There’s a total of eight teams: three senior teams, three juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman.

The big night came with the spotlight on the court and the teams ready for battle.  Each game was to 15 except the championship game which was the traditional 25 point game. From intense match to intense match, it was nothing less of exciting from unexpected victories to unexpected losses.

In the final game it was the classic rivals, juniors versus seniors. Block party vs. Spaghettios. Both had a star lineup and managed to break leads. However, in the end, the junior team Block Party  finished off the game with the win 25-23.

It’s no secret that this event was a success and having many boys wishing it was next year to participate in it again.

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