Prom: Ballin on a Budget

Prom is a night to remember, not a time of stress when remembering how much money you have spent. For many people prom has to be perfect, and that includes the dress, shoes, makeup, and arrival. Unfortunately that can mean a lot of money coming out of your wallet. However there are some tips on how to not make your wallet a living nightmare, and that is “balling on a budget.”


1.) Clearance Ladies we all know that when it comes to shopping, money can go up in matter of seconds however that is not going to be you this year for prom. Instead of going straight into the dress shop, make sure to hit up the clearance side of the store. There are many deals and sales that are worth looking at, and hopefully you find the dress you’ve been looking for.

2.) Rent Of course this is a night to remember but it’s also one night, meaning you’ll probably never wear your dress again, making this idea a lot easier, renting. When rent a dress or a tux you’ll save half of your money than actually buying one. This tip can also help not take up so much room in your closet once prom is over.

3.) Used dresses You may think using the word “used” can sound bad for someone who wants to look like a millionaire on their prom night, but don’t take it wrong, this tip is very useful for the people who have older siblings who have already been to prom, so then you can use their dress and maybe even change it up a little bit.

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The Food 

1.) Potluck Going out to eat can be very expensive, especially if you’re the one who’s going to be buying for yourself and your date. However you can easily have a potluck with all of your friends making this not only cheaper for you and your date but also for your friends.  

2.) Eat at Prom There are many proms where tickets are expensive because there’s already free food at the dance. This will allow you to not waste any more money than you already did. 

3.) Splitting the Bill Of course now many women think that a man has to pay for the dinner but you don’t really realize how much of a difference it makes when both of you are willing to help each other out. 

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Getting Ready

1.) Getting ready at home This will allow you to hang out with friends and definitely save you a lot of money from going to a place to get your makeup and nails done. This tip is also great because then you won’t be stressed, instead you can chill and relax at home with your friends while getting ready for the big night.

2.) Getting your nails done Instead of going to a salon and paying a lot of money to get nails done, you can easily go to Walmart or Target, whichever you prefer and buy fake nails, and nail glue. Doing this can save a lot of time and money.

3.) Getting your makeup done Many girls would go to places to get their makeup done because they don’t trust themselves doing it and I don’t blame you. However going out to have your makeup done can cost a lot of money. So instead of going out, have someone come to you, like a friend who is really good at makeup and who is willing to do it for you. 


1.) Getting someone you know as the photographer It can be very expensive when you pay for a photographer. This tip is more likely to be free. When someone is close to you, they are willing to take pictures for you which makes this save a whole lot of money.

2.) Taking them on a mobile phone It’s very impressive what a mobile phone camera can do, then after taking pictures on your phone you can easily go print them out.

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1.) Ride with friends Not only will riding with friends save a lot of money but it can also be a blast. Also if you’re the one driving you can also have them pay you a small amount of cash for gas money. 

2.) Limo/ Party Bus   If students ride limos and party buses to prom. Get a large group of friends and all pitch in. This tip can save you money and make you feel like a millionaire when arriving to prom in your limo or party bus.

3.) Pitching in As you can tell by my first two tips, pitching in is the key on saving money, that is why going with a group of friends is the best way on saving and not only that, when you arrive to prom you look pretty cool when you have all of your friends with you.

Image result for prom pictures limo

Now it’s time for you to go to prom and still walk out with a lot of money in your wallet. Prom is a night to remember but it’s also a night to think about how much money you’ll be spending, so make sure that you have a budget to start on and work your way with these tips. Have a great night at prom! 

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