Gap Year

After thirteen years of homework, classes, test, and waking up at 7am, the last thing a graduating teenager wants is more school. Although it is better for your future career to start college after you graduating high school. A gap year is a perfect way to get out into the world, sign up for internships, or prepare for college. People always assume gap years will lead to students never going back to college. In reality a gap year experience is great for students who aren’t sure of what they look for in a career and to get a good sense of the world before they become part of it.

 You graduate, you go on a big trip, or have a party. You have more school in a couple months, did you really graduate or did you just upgrade. College is a fun experience but do you have to jump right in? Taking a year off helps with deciding with which college to attend, gives you time to raise money.  Some time off from classes could be healthy for stress relieving.

 College will never disappear to attend a community college all you need is a high school diploma. For universities you need more of course. Some college help you when you’re going to take a gap year. They understand the decision you made, some even recommend that you take an internship to look better on you application. Universities have programs in which you can study abroad, but also they have some that when taking a gap year, they recommend where to visit due to your major.

 Although taking a year off between high school and college sounds fantastic but you can’t lose sight of reality. Most parents assume if their kids take a gap year, they’re going to lose motivation,  but that’s not always true, parents also assume that taking a gap year is just an excuse not to go to college. When the time comes you have to remember you made a goal for yourself a year ago, and now it’s time to start your adult life. Sometimes students decide to take a semester off, instead of a year off.

Taking a gap year is the best way to get a sense of the world. You might graduate high school not knowing what you want to do in life, and a gap year gives you a year to decide what you want to do. Writers travel the world to prevent writer’s block, photographers travel the seas looking for great sceneries, while artist look for inspiration for their canvas, you can do any of these and much more within your gap year. That year belongs to you, not your high school, not your college, just your mind.


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