Top 5 time tips!


Struggling to keep your grades up? Not getting everything you need done? Well here are the top 5 time tips for you!

1)  30/30 App

If you have an iPhone then you’re able to download the 30/30 app. This time management app lets you set timers for a task and alerts you when it’s time to start the next project, meaning its a great tool for study time.


2) Use your daylight wisely!!

When you have a list of things to do and some need to be done in the daytime, USE IT. If you have laundry to do and need to do the lawns the same day, you can’t do the lawns without the sun but you CAN do laundry without it, so time the chores you have wisely.


3) Pocket Calendar

Use your phone to write ALL of your plans down so nothing is forgotten, if you feel like you don’t have time to put everything in your phone get a small notebook to put in your back pocket and add anything that comes up throughout the day as a reminder.


4) Learn to say no.

We’re all guilty of taking on one to many tasks because someone asked us to do just one more thing. Making a lot of commitments can teach us how to juggle various engagements and manage our time. This can be a great thing. However, you CAN take it too far. At some point, you need to learn to decline offers. Your objective should be to do things that you know you have time for and that you care about.


5) Get an early start

No one knows more about procrastination than I do. Trust me. Get a head start on projects. If you have an essay due this week and another two weeks later, finish what you have now and within the next week start on the next essay. Use that “extra time” as much as you can. It will result in less stress, better work, and better grades.


Bonus: Don’t let the little things slow you down.

As good as it is being a perfectionist, this can also slow you down immensely and cut into a lot of your time. We often allow projects to take much, much longer than they need to. What I’ve found, though, is that it is possible to push past the want to constantly examine what I’ve done so far. I’m much better off pressing onward, getting the bulk completed, and then revising things afterward.





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